Dirty Pair 06

ダーティペア Episode 06
Dirty Pair 06

SPOILER Summary:

Dirty Pair 063WA has been tasked with delivering the Super Stone Prism to KNK. Because it is such a valuable energy source, the pirate organization Devil’s Syndicate is keen on getting this prism. To prevent that from happening, Yuri and Kei are assigned to be one of the many decoy ships used to increase the odds of the ship containing the real stone getting through. The ship carrying the real prism will have its cargo container rigged with bomb so that if the container is forced open, it explodes. Since traveling by warp would damage the prism, all ships are having to do this the old fashioned way.

Dirty Pair 06Kei and Yuri are making the run when they discover that the pirates have already hit a large number of the decoy ships. A cruiser intercepts them and attacks. Yuri evacuates to the secondary cockpit and stalls for time while Kei detaches the main cockpit, which is a fighter when not part of Lovely Angel. She breaches the hull of the pirate ship, then proceeds with Mughi to head to the bridge. The overcome the pirate crew where Kei learns that the pirates have the passwords for all of the 3WA ships assigned to the Super Stone Prism project. “The Sun” is the code name for the ship carrying the stone.

Dirty Pair 06Kei returns with Mughi in the fighter, only to discover that a large, gaudy, pirate command ship has arrived. The leader of the Devil’s Syndicate knows Kei and eventually Kei comes to know this flamboyant man as Kaia, a childhood friend. Kaia allows Kei to redock with Lovely Angel and then requests knowing the actual name of their ship. Kei decides to give him what he wants and says the name of the ship is Lovely Angel of the Sun. The code name used, Kaia has no choice but to attack as Yuri sends Lovely Angel away.

Dirty Pair 06More pirate cruisers arrive to try to snare Lovely Angel, so Kei decides to further give Kaia what he wants. Her plan is to send him the cargo container, only she’s going to plant a bomb in it. Yuri avoids being captured and inflicts damage on several pirate ships. Kaia tries to convince Kei to give up and hand over their cargo, after which they can go. Kei reaches the cargo container and opens it, only to discover they were in fact carrying the real prism. Kei works desperately to remove the stone without setting off the attached bomb. Once this is done, she announces that she’s going to give up the cargo as Yuri reports that they are surrounded.

Dirty Pair 06Kei ejects the cargo and the pirates snag it with the command ship. Kei had set the bomb in motion before sending it over, so it explodes in the pirate ship cargo hold as Lovely Angel escapes. They report to their boss, who is not happy with how things have gone. Kei and Yuri challenge him on actually having placed the real prism on their ship and giving the passwords to the pirates as part of the ploy. In the end, rather than take a pay cut, they duo get a bonus and make the delivery of the prism to the KNK people.

Thoughts/Review: A typical Dirty Pair episode — nothing really special, yet somehow a fun waste of time. Hurray for dumb pirates. ^_^

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