What to Make of This?

What to Make of This?

I’m always interested to see how people find my anime blog. After all, my anime and manga blog is one in an ocean of anime and manga blogs. It is certain that some blogs have the advantage of me in that they either have a staff and can blog a lot of titles and/or they have superior Japanese skills to me and watch the stuff raw. My blog has only been around a little over a year whereas some of the “big boys” have been around for years.


Still, with my blog growing by leaps and bounds (hit-wise), I’m always amused when I see people finding me by looking for various hentai anime, manga, and doujinshi. I have no such materials here so I’m not sure why my blog would show up in such searches, much less why people would click on the link to me when it should be pretty clear that they aren’t going to get fap materials (though I suspect that this blog entry will begin getting a lot of hits once published due to the number of key words that will show up).

Anyway, I was recently included on the Best Anime Feeds site (update: no longer exists) with some of what I consider “the big boys of anime blogging” and so I asked the site owner what brought my blog to his attention. He told me and that led me to do some looking, where I was amazed to discover a porn blogger (who’s trying to make money hoping you’ll click those porn links on his blog) made mention of me, or rather my Minami-ke 05 review, and even took the time to quote a few passages here and there. ^_^; The blog claimed to do a search on “at no bikini beach” to find me, which I found amazing considering how deep into said search one has to go to find me. Further research found that this was some bot blog (bot programming is getting much more sophisticated I have to say), but that would explain how a porn blogger would find my site on some obscure search, to say nothing of quoting from it.

Then there’s this hockey fan who was ranting about a sports columnist. Apparently, the columnist wrote a joke about a certain player scoring as often as a sports blogger, and the hockey fan didn’t get the joke. He wondered if sports bloggers “scored” any more or less than other bloggers, including ones with an anime fetish, where he specifically linked to me. Heh! I told the hockey guy that I had other fetishes as well. ^_^

Anyway, my search lead to others quoting me regarding a series or topic that I’d written about. All of them threw links back to me so it was all good. ^_^

All in all, this was an educational experience for me. While I write this blog because I enjoy doing so, it is neat to see that in a giant sea of anime blogs, my little piece has a bit of notice, hopefully for the good. ^_^;

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2 Responses to “What to Make of This?”

  1. Peter H says:

    Hey, where is the porno link? 😉

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    *LOL* Yeah, what did I do with that link? ^_^;

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