Keroro Gunsou 36

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 36

SPOILER Summary:

The platoon gets their bonus pay from HQ, all except Dororo. Keroro is going to spend his on Gunpla and since Fuyuki promised to go with him, he’s off to see him. However, Fuyuki isn’t interested, citing the cold as he lies underneath the kotatsu. Natsumi informs Keroro that “Winter-shogun” is out in full force. Keroro assumes this is some powerful shogun in charge of the winter and decides he will face his foe, only to have the cold wind send him back inside. Defeated, he too is under a kotatsu at the platoon’s underground base. Tamama tells him about a Gunpla sale going on, so Keroro decides to train in a winter simulator, but fails. When he learns that Winter-shogun is a term for a cold air mass over Japan, he’s not very happy with either Fuyuki or Natsumi. As such, he sends them to the winter simulator, but for the first two levels, they adapt quickly. Annoyed, he goes to send it to maximum, but Giroro tries to stop him, which overloads the machine. As a result, everyone but Keroro are swept out of the house in a massive avalanche of snow.

Nishizawa hears about the platoon wanting winter training, so she sets it up so that they, along with Fuyuki, Natsumi, and Koyuki as well as herself, Paul, and other staff, can spend time at their private ski resort. As they approach, the lifts and lodge all rise from the ground. Natsumi and Koyuki go skiing while Fuyuki and Nishizawa are together for her to have her plan enacted to get closer to Fuyuki. The platoon goes off to train, but Keroro doesn’t like the good weather. As such, Kururu activates his weather satellite while at the same time, Paul activates a specialized snow machine at Nishizawa’s request. The result is a terrible blizzard, which causes Kururu’s remote control to be blown away and Nishizawa to be knocked out.

Fuyuki gets Nishizawa to a cabin she’d previously set up to be there for her plan to get closer to Fuyuki. Meanwhile, Koyuki and Natsumi also get to safety in another cabin while the platoon seeks refuge in a large cave. Nishizawa comes to and tries to get Fuyuki into bed with her, but fails. She then uses her final trick, which is to tell him bluntly that two bodies together produce warmth (something Koyuki is also telling Natsumi) and she needs said warmth. He agrees while at the same time in the nearby cave, the platoon finds one of Keroro’s training devices — a mecha bear. The bear attacks and Keroro is sent flying into Nishizawa’s cabin. She’s angry and throws him back out, but that means that she’s OK, so Fuyuki doesn’t have to lay with her after all. Instead, he gives her a heating pad, still in its package. On the return trip home, while Nishizawa’s plan failed, she was still happy as she held the heating pad in its package.


Fun stories, though nothing too special. Seeing Fuyuki use the Keroro teruterubouzu, I did laugh but only because I remembered the Minami-ke episode where Chiaki was used as a real, live teruterubouzu. ^_^

There were some parodies in the episode, including to one of the Macross sequels (can’t remember which one off the top of my head).

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