Keroro Gunsou 38

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 38

SPOILER Summary:

The Keroro Platoon is working with an alien Candid Camera program to trick Giroro. Sumomo-chan, the female from Keron, is going to be in an armored battle suit that looks like Natsumi. She does so and proceeds to try to use Giroro’s feelings for Natsumi against him. As such, Giroro finds her in his tent, in a traditional Japanese high school girl swimsuit. As Tamama waits anxiously with the sign to make fun of Giroro, Sumomo fails to trick Giroro into completely losing it with her breakfast routine, her “naked apron” (with swimsuit underneath) routine, or the “take a bath together” routine.

Having failed at this, Sumomo, still in the Natsumi suit, attacks Giroro with his own weapons. As they battle, Natsumi comes home and finds her “twin,” and thus heads down to confront the frog aliens. She’s given a collar device, which activates a battle suit and she’s off to confront Sumomo. Now that the gig is up, Sumomo goes all out, but Natsumi ends up defeating her. Sumomo is soon removed from the suit where Natsumi then learns that this will be part of an episode known as “Female Pekoponian Soldier Natsumi VS Natsumi.” She then decides to take out her irritation on Keroro.

Natsumi is frustrated because the collar is still on her neck. Keroro says they need the password, which they don’t currently have and which will take some time to get from HQ. However, providing Natsumi doesn’t get worked up, the suit won’t activate (it will deactivate when she’s calm). Keroro also reveals that anyone saying “sentou” (battle) or “kougaki” (attack), the suit will automatically activate. She warns Keroro to get the password by the time she gets home. Unfortunately for her, Keroro has the password and simply has established it so that once someone else activates the suit, Natsumi will fight for the Kerons.

In class, Natsumi is asked for the lowest denomination of U.S. currency, which she answers “sento” (cent). The collar alerts and she barely makes it out in time before the suit activates. She calms down and at P.E., the teacher tells her she’s the first batter (“sentou”) and that’s the attack slot. Natsumi runs off and the suit activates again. Before she can calm down, Keroro and Tamama are out in a transport and activate her conditioning. However, Kururu made a mistake and so she attacks everything, including those from Keron. Keroro is defeated, followed by Tamama. Giroro is dispatched on a large mecha and using the scent of a baked sweet potato, he causes Natsumi to pause long enough to enter the (romantic) password in English. The collar comes off and the others tease Giroro for saying the password (a love confession), which Natsumi doesn’t remember hearing but wants to hear.

Thoughts: Pretty funny stories. I loved how Giroro had to say the password, which was the English phrase “Natsumi, my love. Kiss me tender and hold me tight forever.” I wonder why the Japanese went with English there, but I loved it.

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