Negima! Vol 22 (Ch 200) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 22 Chapter 200

Summary: Kagetarou is shocked that Rakan of the Thousand Blades from the infamous group Ala Rubra is there, since only Eishun and Takamichi are accounted for. Rakan claims ignorance of Ala Rubra but when Kagetarou attacks, Rakan brings out a pactio artifact card and brings out a giant, double-bladed sword-like weapon. Multiple large blades land all around Kagetarou before Rakan enters the sky and does a finishing move, summoning a sword many, many stories high to slam into the ground. Kagetarou is unharmed since Rakan wasn’t trying to kill him. Kagetarou wants revenge on Ala Rubra, so Rakan makes him a deal, saying that if he beats this his 10-year old pupil (Negi is still in teenaged form) in an official tournament, Rakan will then fight Kagetarou.

Negi (still in teenaged form) is thinking when Chisame and Chachamaru, still in kid form, hit him with a pineapple. Chisame then rushes and punches Negi in the gut and Chachamaru rocket-launches one of her hands to punch Negi in the face. Chisame chastises him for his carelessness when Kotaro arrives with a letter from Asuna and Setsuna.

At their location, Setsuna is bathing in her true, winged girl form. As she bathes and grooms, a large number of branches are launched at her, which she deflects before realizing she’s about to be attacked from the other side. She deflects the attack, which is from Asuna, but Asuna roles with the deflection to go into another attack immediately, which Setsuna wards off with her wings, sending Asuna flying. Setsuna’s impressed with Asuna’s progress, but Asuna isn’t since none of her attacks got through. However, Asuna decides its time for a bath as well and so she ditches her clothing to bathe with Setsuna. Asuna helps Setsuna groom her feathers, something that Setsuna is a little uncomfortable with considering the intimacy of it. She teases Asuna about being cheerful for communicating with Negi, and Asuna counters by mentioning Konoka. Hearing the name, Setsuna is depressed about “ojousama.” However, Asuna is confident Konoka is OK and is determined to continue to get stronger.

Setsuna realizes that Asuna has made incredible advances in power and ability since coming to the Magic World and that Asuna will soon be as powerful as herself. Setsuna senses something but then thinks it is nothing. However, their bathing is observed by swordswoman Tsukuyomi, who is enjoying what she’s seeing.

Thoughts: So, Al is very well hidden, even after his appearance at the school tournament. Interesting. I wonder what made Al go into hiding, Nagi disappear, and this Rakan guy apparently keep low in the Magic World.

Rakan has some kind of insane power to be able to summon a weapon like that. If Nagi is his partner, it would further prove that Nagi is alive. It should be interesting to see what Negi learns from Rakan. Also, it was interesting that Rakan knew Negi was really 10 despite looking older, something no one else has been able to do.

Finally, the fanservice fans likely had an orgasm in their pants with all the naked Setsuna and Asuna stuff. Sheeze. I’m glad to see them since I like both characters, but not being a fanservice fan, that was a bit much for me. ^_^;

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