Negima! Vol 22 (Ch 201) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 22 Chapter 201
Negima! Vol 22 (Ch 201) *SPOILERS*

SPOILER Summary:

Chachamaru and Asakura (both in child form) go over the search plan for finding the other members of Ala Alba with Negi, Kotaro, Chisame, Natsumi, and Akira. Asakura reveals that she has a pactio with Negi, which Sayo (in doll form) is very excited about. Her artifact gives her control of six spy golems, which can be controlled from great distance, which will be able to not only help in the search, but allow them to know how they are doing as well. Chisame wonders how she did a pactio when Chamo is not around. Asakura reminds Chisame that they are on the Magic World and so went to a Pactio Store. She even has a picture of the kiss, which she says was her first kiss, shocking Akira and Natsumi as they learn that kissing is how one obtains a pactio. Akira wants to make sure Ako doesn’t see the picture, but when she learns that Negi has made eight pactiones, thus kissed eight girls, she runs off, calling him a “scum.”

Chachamaru, Asakura, and Sayo (in chibi forms and Sayo still in the doll) are ready to find their comrades. Chachamaru assures Negi that she’ll take care of Asakura. Negi tells Chachamaru to take care of herself as well, which touches her. Chachamaru then goes over to Chisame to ask her to take care of Negi, which Chisame already planned to do.

Once they leave, Negi prepares to leave as well to train with Rakan. Once well out of town, Negi dispels his teenaged form and changes into clothing to fit his 10-year old self, to include the robes with the hole where Fate’s attack pierced him through. A voice chastises him a bit for not having a new robe. It is Chisame, who’s returned to her normal form. When Negi asks why she’s there, she tells him she’s going to be Asuna’s substitute for the time being. They arrive at the place where Rakan is at and observe as he, shirtless, performs powerful attacks (as well as writing notes on a large chalk board) as he’s looking for the perfect finishing move to train Negi with.

After witnessing this, Chisame concludes that all of Negi’s father’s comrades were weirdos. Negi sees it differently, and that Rakan being an “idiotic person” is just what he needs. He announces himself to Rakan, who’s pleased to seem Negi, remarking on Negi’s true form as a kid. Rakan tells Negi he has a finishing more for Negi, but is disappointed that Negi doesn’t have the money to pay for the move. Negi asks Rakan to train him to become stronger. Rakan agrees and says Negi will be able to defeat the shadow user in a couple of weeks. However, Negi wants to be even stronger than that, which amuses Rakan.

Thoughts: So, Asakura finally got her pactio. Akamatsu-sensei had created her pactio card ages ago so its nice she finally got it in the story. Sayo was so adorable in this as Asakura recounted the pactio stuff.

I guess with Chachamaru, Asakura, and Sayo off to locate the others, we’ll start seeing more of the other’s stories brought in as Negi trains. Sayo is the cutest, isn’t she? ?

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