Keroro Gunsou 39

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 39

SPOILER Summary: Keroro’s latest invasion plan involves Christmas, but Dororo refuses to take part, not wishing to harm the children. Tamama also bails out of the plan since he wishes to be good so that he can get a present from Santa-san. Realizing that he needs to learn more about Christmas and Santa Claus, Keroro begins his research on the Internet and is nearly swept up in Christmas. Giroro checks with Natsumi, who tells him of her very Japanese notion of the romantic nature of Christmas. This leads him to bail out of the plan. Kururu also bails after being invited to the Hinata Christmas party. Since Keroro is banking on a bonus to purchase Gunpla, he ends up taking a job with Kogoro & Lavie (for no pay) delivering Christmas cakes in an attempt to get on Santa-san’s good list and thus get a present. He comes home late after the Hinata party is over and after he goes to bed, he gets a present.

Its time for the New Year’s house cleaning and Keroro is put in charge. Giroro objects, but when Natsumi calls him a freeloader, he’s on board. As the family begin to work, Keroro stops them from doing the cleaning in an improper way. Fuyuki is going through his books, not wanting to get rid of anything but Keroro talks him into doing just that by having courage. Fuyuki inquires on whether Keroro would be getting rid of some Gunpla’s, but Keroro states that is different. Fuyuki has been had. After the cleaning is done, the Hinata family and the Keroro Platoon have New Year’s Soba as the platoon experience their first new year on Earth.

Thoughts: I don’t know why, but Keroro speaking French to Aki-san and address her as “Mademoiselle” made me giggle. Maybe its because the Japanese seem to have no problem using any number of non-Japanese phrases or honorifics but in America, Japanese honorifics are seen by so many (though admittedly a shrinking group of people) as unimportant. Whatever.

Interestingly enough, Keroro’s tip on using newspaper for cleaning glass is a real one. In basic training, we (covertly) used newspaper to polish all the mirrors in the dorm as well as the TI room’s windows. I imagine his other tips are real as well.

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