Lupin III Part III 06

Lupin III Part III 06
ルパン三世 – Part III Ep. 06

SPOILER Summary:

Lupin III Part IIIJigen goes to see one Commander Gyaranko, leader of a guerrilla army in some foreign country who are fighting the Nationalist Army, lead by the greedy General Leftoll. Things are not going well for Gyaranko’s forces and as such, Leftoll has his army attack the town that Gyaranko is at (where Lupin and Goemon are also at). During the attack, Lupin and Goemon split up to find Jigen. Zenigata, there to try to catch Lupin, is frustrated that Lupin is in such a dangerous pace. He sees Lupin briefly before the thief gets away. Zenigata is then captured by the Nationalist Army, but can’t prove he’s in the ICPO and after Fujiko states that this is not the real Zenigata, they toss him into jail.

Lupin III Part III ep 06Lupin makes his way through a mountain with a large crater lake and is captured by the guerrillas. He’s taken to where Jigen is, where Jigen has reminisced about serving with Gyaranko at one time. Gyaranko tells Jigen there is no treasure (the purpose of Lupin’s visit) and the only one who believes there is a treasure is Leftoll. Jigen informs Lupin later that he too thinks there is no treasure. That night, Lupin makes his way to the Nationalist camp where he spies of Fujiko, who’s trying to fish info out of Leftoll. He learns that Gyaranko is a traitor and that the Nationalist are going to slaughter the retreating guerrilla forces. However, Lupin is caught and tossed into a cell with Zenigata. However, before Zenigata can get too pleased, Lupin makes his escape.

Lupin III Part III ep 06Outside, Lupin hooks up with Fujiko, but is spotted by the Nationalist and fired upon. Goemon comes to the rescue though. Meanwhile, Jigen is waiting when Gyaranko shows up in his jeep to go to the Nationalist camp. Jigen confronts Gyaranko about being a traitor. They have a shootout where Jigen shoots Gyaranko’s gun from him. However, before much else can happen, Gyaranko gets shot when Leftoll and his army begin coming through the mountain pass. After the army leaves, Gyaranko dies and another tank approaches. It is driven by Lupin. They drive up the mountain road where they use the tank’s shells to create an explosive to empty the lake into the valley below. It works and Leftoll’s army is defeated by the flood waters. The emptied lake reveals the hidden treasure but before Lupin or Fujiko can dig in, Jigen stops them, wishing the treasure to go to the guerrillas. Lupin agrees and drags a protesting Fujiko away.


Whenever Lupin makes a big score, there’s always some reason for him not to get it. After all, if he actually obtained a treasure, what would be the incentive to do what he does?

While Zenigata received some more screen time this episode, he’s still pretty much a waste and only shows up to please the hardcore Lupin fans.

Beyond that, there’s really not a lot to say. While silly, this 3rd Lupin TV series hasn’t been nearly as bad as I’d feared it would be. It is nothing special, but not all that bad.


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