Macross Frontier 06

マクロスF Episode 06
Macross F Ep. 06

SPOILER Summary:
As Sheryl prepares for her final concert, her manager Grace gets word of the attack on Macross Galaxy. Meanwhile, Ozama reluctantly allows the Zentradi scout from Vector Promotion to sign Ranka and start her singing career. To celebrate, Michel, Luca, Nanase, and Ranka go to an outdoor cafe to have a beverage, where Nanase declares the creation of the Ranka Lee fan club. Ranka apologizes to Alto, telling him she would have told him first, but doesn’t say why she didn’t, which was because she saw him with Sheryl. So she’s surprised when he tells her we was alone at the Zentradi mall and heard her song. As a present, he gives her the ticket Sheryl gave him for Sheryl’s final concert.

The president of Macross Frontier decides to make a public announcement on the Vajra and what happened to Macross Galaxy. It has been decided that they will send aid to Macross Galaxy despite the fact that the attack happened five days earlier. As such, members of the SMS are now part of the military and Lt. Cathy Glass is assigned to the warship SMS Macross Quarter as liaison to the actual military. Michel comments on their new status to Alto when Sheryl’s press conference comes on TV. Alto, who has Sheryl’s earring, decides to return it. After Sheryl clears him through security, the two talk and we learn Sheryl was an orphan on Macross Galaxy and hated her time there. While the earring is an important memento to her, she “loans” it to Alto as a good luck charm.

Alto returns to the Skull Squad just as they are about to deploy. The military found a surviving ship from the Macross Galaxy fleet, but it is crawling with Vajra. As such, SMS Macross Quarter is dispatched and upon folding to the location, the Skull Squadron and Pixie Squadron (with the female Zentradi) will launch. Meanwhile, Ranka decides late to attend Sheryl’s concert as Sheryl starts to sing. Ranka arrives in time to see the SMS Macross Quarter fold out.

Thoughts: I don’t know why Alto felt he needed to lie to Ranka about being alone at the Zentradi mall, especially when Michel had revealed to him that he’d been seen. Indeed, many in the class knew about it, so to me, it made even less sense to lie. After all, the chances were good that Ranka would find out if she didn’t already know. Of course she did know, having seen it herself. We’ll see if this comes up in the future.

This episode pushed the idea of Sheryl and Alto being closer, the attempt being to push the creation of the love triangle. Having seen too many love triangles, I’m not a fan of them any more because it means making a choice, but too often, there’s a cop-out and no choice is ultimately made. We’ll see what the writers do, but I still want the couple to be Ranka and Alto. Bah! Maybe Alto will end up with both girls. ^_^;

Next week promises to be action-packed. Will Ozama bite the dust now or later is what I want to know.

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