Kagetora Manga Volume 9

カゲトラ Volume 9
Kagetora Volume 9

SPOILER Summary: When Kagetora uses his ninja skill in public to protect Yuki, he’s observed by Kujou, who then approaches Kagetora later about this. Because Kujou is dressed like a punk, Kagetora assumes he wants to fight, but is surprised when Kujou wants to be Kagetora’s disciple and learn the art of ninjitsu, going so far as to call Kagetora “master.” Eventually Kagetora agrees to train him, but things don’t go well as Kujou is not very skilled despite having a big body. Further, Kujou has an image of how ninja training should be, which doesn’t include getting stronger by doing sit ups or push ups.

Kujou also takes an interest in Yuki, whom he notices brightens up when she speaks with Kagetora. He notices Kagetora appears to have feelings for Yuki as well but doesn’t act on them. Pressing the issue with Kagetora, Kujou goes with Yuki to market one day, only to be assaulted by punks and rescued by Kagetora. His attitude toward training improves from that time forward.

As time moves on, Kagetora and Kujou are going to a mountain training facility of Yuki’s family (complete with an onsen). Not only are they joined by Yuki, but some members of their class come as well, including Yuki’s friend Aki-chan. While Yuki is dense to Kujou’s feelings, Aki sees it. Eventually, Kujou gets the courage to confess his feelings to Yuki after taking her to a fall festival near the mountain facility. Yuki’s taken aback by this and processing it when they eventually return to the facility. Kujou confronts Kagetora about this, who tries to play it off as if it doesn’t matter to him, but Kujou says that Kagetora is running away, using his position as oyakume as an excuse to not pursue Yuki. They have a scuffle and Kagetora leaves. Yuki comes in and Kujou sends her to find Kagetora after telling her he already knows she has feelings for Kagetora. The tough Aki-chan, who’s been observing everything, comes in and praises Kujou for now being strong.

Meanwhile, Kagetora comes to a decision on what to do regarding Yuki.

Thoughts: While this manga isn’t anything ultra special, it is fun and enjoyable. Segami-sensei seems to have fun writing/drawing this, which comes through the pages. It is interesting how he’s rotated new characters in and out to (at times) bring a love-triangle mix to Yuki and Kagetora. While the other ones had been girls, bringing in Kujou certainly pushed things forward so that Kagetora now has to do something. I like that.

I also like how far Aki-chan has come as a character. Initially, she was like Uo-chan from Fruits Basket (tough, female gangster thug), only with a hint of yuri attraction to her best friend, Yuki. In many ways, I saw Aki-chan as being the first character to create a love-triangle with Yuki and Kagetora. Now she is no longer the “queen bee” around Kagetora. She’s still tough, as she showed Kujou half-way through the volume, but she’s also capable of a softer side, as she showed Kujou toward the end of the chapter. I’d kinda like to see Kujou and Aki-chan hook up before the manga ends.

Speaking of the manga ending, I figured it wouldn’t be too much longer until that happened. I thought volume 10 might be the last one, but since there were eleven volumes written, I still have two more Kagetora-goodness volumes to purchase.

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