Pocket Monsters 05

Pocket Monsters 05
Pokemon 05 (Japanese version)
ポケットモンスター Ep. 05

SPOILER Summary:

Pocket Monsters 05Rocket-dan builds a pit to snare Satoshi and get Pikachu, but build it so well, they get trapped in it. Meanwhile, Satoshi, Kasumi, and Pikachu arrive on the outskirts of Nibi City, where they meet rock seller Mono. He escorts them to the Pokémon Center, where there’s another Joy-san to take care of Satoshi’s abused Pokémon. Satoshi and Kasumi look at a poster for a Pokémon League Section Championship. To enter, one has to obtain a badge from certain Pokémon trainers in various cities, which Kasumi isn’t sure Satoshi can do, nor is Muno. Kasumi and Satoshi go get something to eat and when Kasumi offers her support to help Satoshi defeat Takeshi, the Nibi City Pokémon Gym trainer, Satoshi refuses. Angered, Kasumi leaves Satoshi with the bill.

Pocket Monsters 05Satoshi arrives at the Nibi City Pokémon Gym and immediately challenges Takeshi. Takeshi cannot refuse the challenge and with his rock Iwark Pokémon, he defeats Satoshi and Pikachu. Dejected, Satoshi runs into Muno again, who reveals that Takeshi is having to raise his many younger brothers and sisters. Satoshi still wants that badge, so Muno gives Satoshi a way to power-up Pikachu via the local hydro-electric plant. However, there’s no water flow, so Satoshi is forced to use foot power to turn the wheel and send electricity into Pikachu. Kasumi again offers her assistance, which Satoshi rejects. However, Kasumi knows her Pokémon would be a great asset.

Pocket Monsters 05Returning to the gym the next day, Satoshi again challenges Takeshi. This time, Satoshi summons Pidgeon while Takeshi summons Ishitsubute, a smaller rock Pokémon. Pidgeon makes no progress on Ishitsubute because of the difference in types. Satoshi is forced to recall Pidgeon and sends out Pikachu. Pikachu, now overcharged with electricity, shocks Ishitsubute to defeat. Takeshi recalls the Pokémon and sends out Iwark. While Pikachu does damage to Iwark as well as to the gym itself, he cannot defeat Iwark and is about to be defeated himself when suddenly Takeshi calls off the attack. The sprinklers go off and Kasumi, with Takeshi’s siblings, tells Satoshi that rock-type Pokémon are weak to water. Thus, Pikachu is able to get off another attack, but realizing he’s not playing fair, Satoshi again forfeits the match, promising to return.

Pocket Monsters 05Outside the city, Takeshi catches up with Satoshi and Pikachu. He gives Satoshi a badge anyway for caring about Pokémon. Mono arrives and reveals himself to be Takeshi’s long-lost worthless father. Takeshi takes advantage of the situation and immediately hands over the responsibility of raising the family to Muno. Takeshi then joins Satoshi on his quest, where they are tailed by Kasumi, still furious over the bicycle incident and vowing to dog Satoshi until she gets paid. So all three are off with Pikachu as Rocket-dan emerges from the ground


I rather enjoyed seeing that punk Satoshi get owned. I’m glad his first badge was from pity rather than skill. BWAH!HA!HA!HA! Too bad Kasumi couldn’t have been the one to own Satoshi. Oh well. Anyway, just how does electricity defeat rock short of causing it to explode from sheer force of strike?

Anyway, now I know how Takeshi joins the core group. Yay, me.

Yay for cheap reuse of previous characters, like Joy-san. I guess we’ll see a Joy in every city.

Anyway, despite being kiddie, I did get a kick out of this episode for some odd reason.

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  1. mattcgw says:

    All the pictures are missing. And the article is dated may 17th 2008.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, when I moved the blog from Blogger to WordPress on my own domain, I discovered Google had deleted a LOT of images from my oldest stuff. 🙁 Plus, the move caused lots and lots of other issues. If you are viewing the blog via a normal browser (not the mobile version), I have a blurb in the upper right of the front page called “Archive Post Image Fix Project.” When I have time, I work my way back to fix those entries. It is a long, tedious process.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      OK, just for you, I made an update to the post by pulling the missing images from my personal file archive. 🙂

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