Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 13

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode 13
魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS(ストライカーズ)Ep. 13

SPOILER Summary: Agito has a dream-memory where she recalls waking up in a lab and being experimented on. The lab was destroyed and she was rescued by Zest and Lutecia. Zest identifies Agito as a true, ancient Belka-type and feels that with the destruction of the lab, the Bureau will be along to investigate the fire and will find the little humanoid. They will be the best to care for her. Lutecia doesn’t agree and wishes to have Agito come with them. Thus, Agito joins the group. She awakens frustrated, remembering the battle with Vita and Rein and feels the loneliness of not having a lord (she assumes that Vita is Rein’s lord). As such, she vows to take out Rein next time they meet.

Signum is taking Nanoha to the Saint Church facility to check on the young, artificial girl they found. Sister Schach reports that the girl somehow disappeared on them, though she has to be somewhere on the facility grounds. Signum and Nanoha arrive with Signum joining Sister Schach in searching the buildings while Nanoha searches the grounds. Nanoha finds the girl and is just starting to talk when Sister Schach sees them through a window. She assumes the girl is very dangerous and so takes an aggressive approach. However, the girls’ reaction is one of extreme fear and Nanoha takes over from there. The girl’s name is Vivio and she wants her mama.

Meanwhile, Hayate and Fate discuss the upcoming emergency inspection from the Ground Forces HQ. A failure of the inspection could result in the 6th Mobile Division being disbanded. Fate asks about the real reason for the creation of their unit, so Hayate decides to have Fate and Nanoha join her at a meeting at the Saint Church HQ with Knight Carim. Hayate goes to contact Nanoha, only to discover Vivio has attached herself to Nanoha and does not want to let go. Hayate and Fate join the rookies there and Fate manages to talk Vivio into letting go with Nanoha promising to return soon. Vivio is left with Caro and Elio to babysit while Tia and Subaru leave to write reports.

At the HQ, Nanoha and Fate meet Knight Carim for the first time. Chrono is also there and everyone is acting formal. However, Chrono tells Nanoha and Fate that she’s friends with both Hayate and Chrono and as such, the two of them should act normal. So, Nanoha addresses Chrono as “Chrono-kun” (as she did when they where younger) and Fate calls Chrono “oniichan,” which embarrasses him to no end, leading her to settle for “Chrono.” Knight Carim reveals that she has the gift of prophecy (called “Profeitin Shrifti, which she writes in poem form, once a year, in ancient Belka), which is something General Geis dislikes. Her prophecies of the destruction of the TSA Ground Forces HQ and the TSA system would start with the Lost Logia. Hayate wants to prevent that, as do the others, which is how she was able to get the 6th Mobile Division created. After learning this, Nanoha and Fate pledge to support Hayate’s cause, no matter what happens.

Meanwhile, General Geis is informed that the inspection of the 6th Mobile Division will be in a week. He’s shown how the unit is organized and that it would be rather easy to disband as it was set up as an experimental unit. He’s very keen to do this, resenting Hayate, the navy (who’s admiral’s support the unit), and the Saint Church. Further, he appears to have a political motive behind his decision to crush the 6th.

Returning home, Vivio rushes to Nanoha, happy to see her. Fate thanks Elio and Caro for watching Vivio, and they report that Vivio was a good girl. Meanwhile back in her darkened office, Hayate looks over the picture album of when she was in elementary school. She remembers her Uncle Graham and all everyone, including Fate and Nanoha, have done for her. She has decided to use her life to prevent the sadness and regret she has experienced from being inflicted on others.

Thoughts: This turned out to be a rather informative episode. I liked learning about Agito’s past, even if it was hard seeing her be experimented on. However, it does explain her nature. Plus, her promise to battle Rein makes it seem like my prediction from earlier will come true. ^_^;

Learning that the real reason behind the creation of the 6th Mobile Division is to thwart an apparent forthcoming disaster is pretty interesting, as was learning that Knight Carim has the ability to do some prognostication, even if somewhat cryptic.

Then there’s Vivio, whom I couldn’t help but feel sorry for. I’ve no clue as to the role she’ll end up playing the the series, but considering she was carrying two Relic cases, I’m wondering why no one is asking about that. It seemed strange to me. Anyway, it was also interesting how much Elio was able to determine from her, apparently realizing she was created as part of Project F and has memories from her original.

I didn’t realize that Nanoha is also known as the “Ace of Aces.” If it was mentioned before, I missed it.

Half-way through, I’m enjoying what I’m seeing so far despite some weaknesses in dialog at times.

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