Keroro Gunsou 46

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 46
(Sgt. Frog 46)

SPOILER Summary: Fuyuki keeps finding a can of model paint at the top of the stairs and Natsumi has an encounter with a lot of hands in the bath. Natsumi suspects it is Keroro, but he protests his innocence. When more weird things start to happen, Dororo and Koyuki sense a lot of youki coming from the Hinata house. The ghost (Omiyo?) that lives in the Hinata house reveals herself, not happy at being forgotten and kidnaps Natsumi and Keroro. Koyuki performs Onmiyou magic and breaks through to the hidden tunnel beneath the house (but above most of Keroro’s base). Meanwhile, Natsumi talks to Omiyo, who reveals her past where she befriended a kappa and was thrown in jail for it. However, Kappa-san released her and she built a shrine to him, hoping to see him again. So even though she died at an old age, she remained on Earth looking like a teen girl for Kappa-san. Keroro puts on the plate hat and looks like the kappa, but Koyuki accidentally breaks it with her spell, thus Omiyo is still on Earth and asks to not be forgotten.

Thoughts: This version of the story is more amusing than the manga version to me. Then again, hearing the screams and seeing the visuals will do that.

The ghost wasn’t named here and I found a reference to her as “Omiyo” on a wiki. As such, that’s why I used that name, though I’m not sure where it is officially stated (either in the manga or anime).

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