Macross Frontier 11

マクロスF Episode 11
Macross F Ep. 11

SPOILER Summary: Leon and Cathy take a ride and discuss the planet Gallia 4. Elsewhere, Ranka is on her way to an event and composes a mail to send to Alto, but decides not to send it. At the school pool, Nana asks if Alto has heard from Ranka, since she told Ranka about Alto’s forthcoming birthday. He hasn’t. Luca speculates it is because she’s busy preparing for her first live concert. Sheryl comes up and enters the discussion, having experience on the matter. Alto makes a flippant remark about her having a lot of free time, but a sneezing fit on her part prevents her from getting too angry.

Sometime later, Cathy meets with Ozama regarding Sheryl’s forthcoming relief concert on Gallia 4, where the all-Zentradi 33rd Marine Corps has a base. Ozama states they declined to send an escort with Sheryl. The conversation shifts to the strange things the government has been doing, with they Hydra problem and the mysterious Valkyrie fighter they refuse to share info on. Cathy wonders if Ozama has seen the movie that Ranka starred in. He angrily denies it, throwing a film magazine on the table and departing.

Back at the school, Luca provides some research materials on Gallia 4, which he shares with Alto and the rest. It is here we learn that Luca is the son of the family that runs the large LAI conglomerate. Their conversation is interrupted by a man in traditional Japanese clothing, whom Alto calls “Niisan.” The man, SAOTOME Yasaburo, is not actually related to Alto, but is part of the Kabuki troop run by Alto’s father. He takes Alto to lunch and reports that his father has had a health scare but is doing better. With Alto’s birthday approaching, Yasaburo says that if Alto pays his father a visit, Alto will no longer be disinherited. Alto refuses. Yasaburo notes how Alto had the small part in Ranka’s movie and played a role in Sheryl’s concert. As such, he feels that Alto has not left acting, and Alto’s being a pilot is just more acting on his part.

Ranka gets a special ticket from her manager Elmo for her first concert. He wonders what the bother is since he can arrange for her friends and family to get in, but Sheryl arrives with an answer — Ranka wants to give it to someone. Sheryl figures out that Ranka wants to give the ticket in person to Alto. During their talk, Sheryl refers to Alto as a bum, giving Ranka pause. Ranka decides to ask Sheryl something when Sheryl has a moment of weakness and drops her glass. When Sheryl comes home, Grace examines her with her cybernetic eyes. She tells Sheryl to take her medicine and Sheryl is determined to not be defeated by whatever illness she has. As such, she will not be dissuaded from going to Gallia 4 to do her concert.

Leon receives a briefing on the mysterious red Valkyrie which they’d been given specs on. A team from LAI were inspecting the craft and were happy with what they saw. He also learns that “fairy” is going to Gallia 4 as planned. He holds a purple gem up (Sheryl’s earring?), reflecting that if it weren’t for fold distortion, one could fly to Gallia 4 instantly. Meanwhile Cathy decides to ask Klan about Gallia 4 and the 33rd Marine Corps. Klan reveals that they are part of the Zentradi who do not approve of the alliance between humans and Zentradi after the first war. Klan doesn’t approve of them.

Ranka is in her dressing room and takes a call from Nana. Nana is concerned that Ranka hasn’t communicated with Alto, since Sheryl and he are getting friendlier. Once Ranka hears that Sheryl and Alto aren’t actually dating, she finds the courage to give him a call and leave him a voice mail. She asks him to meet her at a park as she has something for him. That night, he meets with “Sheryl-sama” (him being sarcastic) at her request. She has a proposal for him that would allow him to fly under a real sky, something he’s longed to do. After leaving her, he ponders what to do — meet with his father, meet with Ranka, or fly off with Sheryl to fly in an open sky. He looks at a paper airplane, something he’s been creating since childhood, and tosses it into the air.

The day that Ranka set aside to meet with Alto comes and Elmo gives her two hours to complete her business. However, Alto isn’t waiting for her. Michael is there on Alto’s behalf, informing Ranka that Alto took an escort mission for Sheryl. Alto’s fighter is fitted with a fold engine and he flies escort for Sheryl’s passenger liner. Sheryl calls him, thanking him for coming as Grace secretly communicates with Leon, apparently revealing she’s the one who’s been meeting with and providing stuff for Leon. This trip of Sheryl’s is apparently part of whatever plan they have. Back at the park, Ranka sees the strange little animal and she shares the airplane cookies she made with the critter and wishes Alto a happy birthday.

Thoughts: Poor Ranka-chan. Up to now, Alto has done what he could to be with her when she’s asked but Sheryl’s offer of flying over a real planet is too much to pass up, and I understand that. It is a shame that Alto wasn’t brave enough to tell Ranka himself (even just leaving her a voice mail). Then again, if Ranka had sent that text mail, maybe he would feel more inclined to see her. Still, Ranka is growing in popularity and while already able to stand on the same field with Sheryl, will soon be able to rival her I’d guess, short of Leon making it midnight (the Cinderella reference).

While Sheryl may be the “hot” one, she annoys me a bit. Being one of those girls who knows how much men crave her, her attitude is what annoys me. She knew that Ranka wanted to give Alto the ticket as a present but took Alto anyway. Now, all is fair in love and war as they say, and to be fair, the concert wasn’t on the day that Ranka scheduled to meet Alto to give it to him (the day that Alto took off to escort Sheryl). I completely understand Shery’s attraction to Alto. As I’ve said before, he doesn’t treat her like an idol, but as just some person.

Still, what does she have to do with Leon? I want to say that was her earring he was holding (which would be the one Alto lost in that battle a while back). Then again, with Grace appearing to be working with that loser Leon, maybe it is her other earring. With Grace appearing to be some sort of mole or the like, what is she doing with Sheryl? Maybe Sheryl’s apparent illness is being caused by something Grace is doing or not doing. Then again, who is Grace? She clearly doesn’t want Leon to know her true identity and she’s apparently the one who’s been giving orders to mystery boy Brera (whom I suspect is the little critter that is often with Ranka).

I like how the subject of the Zentradi who didn’t want to become allies with humans is brought up here. I guess it will be a bigger thing next episode, but the fact that there are still Zentradi who aren’t pleased with the results of the war from the original Macross is a nice touch on the part of the writers.

Ultimately, I enjoyed this episode a great deal.

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