Keroro Gunsou 52

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 52
Sgt. Frog anime, episode 52
Keroro Gunsou anime, episode 52

SPOILER Summary: Keroro and Kururu are in special suits where Keroro manages to take back the Kero Ball while Fuyuki sleeps. The following morning, things are going weird in the house with strange noises, the fridge freezing up, and the doorbell ringing. Natsumi knows it is Keroro and company, but this time, Keroro isn’t worried. Indeed, now that he has the Kero Ball, he immediately captures Natsumi and Fuyuki and makes them his puppets. Aki-san makes an unexpected return and while Keroro is prepared for her capture, she manages to not only thwart him, but defeat him and Kururu by throwing the capture devices back at them in horror when she realizes the devices are alive. The Kero Ball is again in Hinata hands and Keroro is forced to do all the chores as punishment.

Nishizawa makes a strange call to Fuyuki, saying she’s in trouble. Fuyuki immediately heads out to help her, only to find some of her staff waiting with a limo to take him to the Nishizawa estate. The mansion is destroyed after his arrival and Nishizawa is held captive on a giant 4-pronged star. She yells for “Fuyuki-kun” to help her, but Keroro arrives on scene to help Tamama. Fuyuki cannot climb up to where Nishizawa is, so she orders Paul to make it easier, thus a lighted, wide stair path appears. Keroro tries to stop Fuyuki, but since this is a plan to get closer to Fuyuki by Nishizawa, Tamama has to repeatedly “accidentally” attack Keroro. Fuyuki gets within 2-meters before giving out. By this time, Nishizawa has had enough of Keroro’s and Tamama’s actions, and her dark self emerges, freeing herself from captivity and gives chase to the now retreating aliens.

Thoughts: After 51 episodes of “Keroro to March,” hearing a new OP theme is a bit jarring. But, this is the start of the second season, so a new OP was in order I guess. It will take some getting used to. Its not bad, but I don’t think I’ll be trying to score it. This 3rd ED theme isn’t too bad sounding. I’m not sure if I’m up for scoring it yet, but I love seeing the Platoon dancing at during the ED.

I hope that the preview before the episode doesn’t continue. I’m not really a fan of that but it isn’t a major thing.

As to the episode, it was clearly a re-introduction for those who might be new to the series, or just have forgotten. With Giroro and some other characters not showing up this time, I wonder how their re-introduction will be handled.

I did get a few chuckles though, mainly during the 2nd story with the “rescue” of Nishizawa. Keroro insulting Natsumi and Fuyuki, then slapping his rear was the funniest moment, and it was from first story.

As to the second story, I knew it was a plan of hers to get closer to Fuyuki from the start, but it was still a fun ride. The animation was bad in places as it really looked cheaply done. That’s not a good sign.

So more of the same, but still a nice beginning to the 2nd season.

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