Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 23

魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS(ストライカーズ)Ep. 23
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode 23

SPOILER Summary: Nanoha blasts her way forward while Dieci has an ambush set up and waiting for her. However, Nanoha anticipates this fires an Excellion Buster, releasing the first blaster limit to overpower Dieci’s shot and take her down. Nanoha binds Dieci and seals her weapon before heading to the throne room. There, Quattro is waiting and taunting. When Nanoha attacks, Quattro is revealed to be an illusion. Quattro appears on the holo-screen and continues her evil taunting as Vivio’s being upset causes her powers to rise. Even though she sees Nanoha, the increased power prevents Nanoha from reaching her. Quattro adds fuel to Vivio’s fire, saying that the woman in front of her is evil and keeping her from seeing her mother. Vivio’s power levels increase and she breaks free of her bonds, forms a Barrier Jacket, and takes adult form. She refuses to believe that Nanoha is her mama and Nanoha is forces to release the next blaster limit while Quattro hopes for a double-kill.

Major Nakajima reports that the 108th is barely holding their own and that should any Combat Cyborgs appear, they’ll be overrun. Meanwhile, Otto continues to oversee the battle while Numbers Nove, Wendi, and Deed kill off Tia’s many illusions and come into the same formation they did earlier after they finally locate Tia. After being deceived by one more illusion, the trio surround Tia and wonder about her not fleeing. The barrier around the building drops meaning Otto has been defeated (Otto having been ambushed and captured by Shamal and Zafila). They attack and Tia ultimately takes out Wendi and Deed with her shots and tells Nove to surrender.

Nearby, Subaru is remembering being a little girl and being hurt, leading her mother and a young Ginga to come running. The audience is also shown the two sisters being examined where their mother is told that Ginga and Subaru are in fact created from her genetic material. Subaru then recalls still being a young child watching Ginga train. When Ginga wonders why Subaru isn’t training, Subaru reveals her realization that she and Ginga aren’t normal. Further, she expresses her fear of hurting someone accidentally. Ginga reassures her little sister. Subaru then comes to the present where she’s being strangled by Ginga. Ginga is beating Subaru much as Ginga had been beaten with Subaru recalling why she wanted to be strong. She loses consciousness and Mach Caliber takes over, defending against Ginga’s final attack. When Subaru comes to, Mach Caliber has words for her to not quit. Subaru then attacks and manages to land a Divine Buster on Ginga, appearing to defeat her.

Rein-Signum are fighting their way through Gadgets when Rein senses that Zest has made it into the Ground HQ building. They too make their way in, only to find one of the halls barricaded by a desperate Agito, who pleads with them not to interfere. Signum takes down Agito’s barrier and she and Rein separate. Signum demands to know what they are up to. Meanwhile, Zest enters General Geis’s office and Auris places herself in front of the general as a human shield. Auris is revealed to be the general’s daughter and Zest wants to know if Geis gave the orders that killed Zest and his team eight years earlier.

Thoughts: Well, it figures that the writers would have a twist to Nanoha rescuing Vivio, making her an adult with powers. Quattro’s evil sure is…angering. Excellent seiyuu work there.

Anyway, with three more episodes after this one, it was time to start taking down opponents, thus we have some Numbers defeated (finally). I chuckled when Nanoha defeated Dieci, how Dieci remarked that if Nanoha had fought at her current unrestricted level from the start, they wouldn’t really have had a chance. Tia’s defeating two Numbers and apparently having a 3rd on the ropes was a bit of a stretch for me. Granted the writers had an explanation which helped but it was still a stretch.

Interesting how Subaru and Ginga knew from an early age that they weren’t like others. It is also interesting that someone stole genetic material from their mother to create Ginga and Subaru. Maybe somehow that was Due.

The other big reveal was Auris being Geis’ daughter.

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