Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 25

魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS(ストライカーズ)Ep. 25
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode 25

SPOILER Summary: As Hayate and her troops continue attacking the Saint’s Cradle, Vita has made it to the engine room. Because there is a 7-minute gap between Saint’s Cradle reaching orbit and the fleet arriving, Hayate decides she has to go inside to do something. Alto sends her a message, requesting she wait as she has Rein with her. She attacks the shielded engine core which provokes an automated response from the ship of cubes which fire energy beams at Vita, who despite being injured, welcomes the challenge.

Nanoha is battling Vivio, who’s able to escape her bonds. Nanoha traps Vivio again within an energy pyramid, leading Vivio to desperately try to escape. Quattro observes this and understands the Blaster System. As such, the more Vivio does, the weaker Nanoha ultimately becomes. In most situations, the Blaster System would allow Nanoha to have superiority but against Vivio, this is not the case. Vivio escapes the prison to Nanoha’s surprise and immediately attacks Nanoha.

Outside, all of Lutecia’s summoned critters are crying blood. Jiraio attacks Elio, Caro, and the unconscious Lutecia (all of whom are on Fried) but Garyuu defends them. Elio decides to aid Garyuu and sends Caro on. In the Ground HQ building, Zest states he has to save Lutecia and stop Scaglietti. Signum informs him that Scaglietti is under arrest and Lutecia is being taken care of by her troops. That just leaves one thing and Zest attacks Signum. He leaves himself open, apparently on purpose, so that Signum can deliver the final blow. Zest gives Signum a ring containing records. He makes Signum promise to take care of Lutecia and Agito. He then says his goodbye to Agito before passing away.

Vita has destroyed the defense mechanisms and continues to attack the shielded engine. Her efforts and noticed by Quattro, who’s not greatly concerned over it. Vita attacks again and again until Graf Eisen shatters. Vita, weak from loss of blood and magic, falls from the platform she is on but is caught by Rein-Hayate, both of whom have praise for Vita. Sure enough, Vita’s final attack had caused a crack in the shielding which in turn spread until the engine was destroyed. Despite the setback, the auto-repair is functioning as are the backup engines, so while Quattro apparently orders Scaglietti’s lair destroyed, she continues with Saint’s Cradle‘s mission.

Quattro then notices one of Nanoha’s pink energy globes has entered the large room, deep within the ship, where she is. Realizing that Nanoha’s entire fight with Vivio has been a sham and that in fact she’d been buying time to search for her, Quattro doesn’t want to believe that anything can reach her. However, she remembers Nanoha’s prime attack. Sure enough, Nanoha rebinds Vivio and with a Blaster 3 mode, she uses her Divine Buster attack, which indeed blows through all of the bulkheads in the ship and despite Quattro’s attempt to flee, scores a direct hit. Quattro is defeated and with that, all Gadgets immediately cease their attacks. Also, Lutecia’s critters are released and stop fighting.

Vivio recognizes Nanoha-mama now, but is unable to stop fighting as she is partially controlled as an automated ship defense. Vivio attacks and reveals that she knows that Fate and Nanoha aren’t her real mothers, but in fact she is a creation. She states she is just a weapon and that her time in child form was just to collect data. Nanoha rejects this as Vivio is crying now. Nanoha wants Vivio to speak the truth and Vivio says she loves Nanoha-mama and wants Nanoha to save her. There’s only one way this will happen and that is for Nanoha to destroy Vivio’s defenses. She warns Vivio the attack will hurt and launches a full-powered Starlight Breaker. This forces the Relic out of Vivio and shatters it, returning Vivio to child form. Nanoha goes to get her, but Vivio stops her, pulling herself up as Nanoha would have wanted. Once done, then Nanoha rushes down to embrace Vivio.

Because of Nanoha and Vita’s actions, Saint’s Cradle has slowed so that Chrono’s fleet will arrive in time. Rein-Hayate arrive to help Nanoha when the ships automated system, detecting that Vivio was no longer connected to the system, shuts down all magic with a powerful Anti-Magic Field. This forces Rein out of Hayate. Back on the ground, Alto lands the helicopter to pick up Tia, Subaru, and Ginga with Shamal doing a quick check. Because of what’s going on within the ship, Hayate and Nanoha are going to need to be rescued by ground forces, so Subaru is drafted. Ginga gives Subaru Blitz Caliber for the upcoming fight.

Thoughts: I asked, “Where was Rein?” last episode and I gots me answer. *lol* Well, if she wasn’t with Signum any more, she had to go somewhere and that could only be Hayate. It was nice that Hayate was able to rescue Vita, but where did Vita go now?

Nanoha’s tactical play to be actively hunting Quattro while battling Vivio was a nice touch. I’d wondered why Nanoha had dropped energy balls and I was initially thinking that she would be using these to provide her an energy boost. The “Wide Area Search” function I figured was something Raising Heart was just doing but there ya go.

Speaking of Vivio and Nanoha, I hate to say it but I liked that Nanoha had to make the hard choice to shoot Vivio to save her. There was a chance that Vivio might not have survived the attack. So my hat is off to the writers there.

I was wrong that episode 26 would be all aftermath. I didn’t anticipate Hayate and Nanoha or the others needing rescuing. Oh well, it will be fun.

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