Negima! Vol 23 (Ch 213) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 23 Chapter 213

Summary: Emily and Beatrice are stunned that Yue has a pactio card. Yue states they have to defeat the griffin, which Emily, Beatrice, and Collet think is impossible. Yue disagrees, her artifact revealing that they won’t be able to escape the griffin and their only option is to fight. Yue feels confident that together, they can do this. The griffin attacks and Yue saves Emily again. Yue sends Collet and Beatrice out to be bait while she and Emily race to get ahead of them and have the griffin come to them. They agree, but Emily isn’t happy about using classmates as bate. Yue explains her reasoning, citing the griffin’s natural wind barrier defense and how it was also using the trees as defense. Without the trees, they have a chance providing they work together.

Yue and Emily race ahead with Emily challenging Yue on her supposed memory loss. Yue says she still has no memories, but somehow knew how to use the pactio card. Emily accepts this for now as they set up for the arrival of Collet, Beatrice, and the griffin. Yue is on a tree limb and attracts the attention of the beast, who then attacks her. Yue knows she can deflect the attack and orders Emily to attack with a rain of ice spears (large shards). Emily isn’t thrilled to be ordered by Yue, but does as she’s asked. The griffin shifts its wind barrier to deflect the incoming attack while Yue maneuvers through the falling ice and manages to stab it with a dagger in the horn. She then hits it with a lightning bolt, which knocks the horn out, knocking out the beast.

Yue has a few injuries from being hit by some ice spears and is helped by Collet as Beatrice advises them that they should leave immediately before the griffin awakens. Emily ponders the entire sequence of events, marveling at how far Yue has come. Collet laments losing the race, but Yue smiles, saying she’s glad they survived an attack by a griffin. The foursome fly back to school and are amazed at the thunderous reception they receive. They realize that their actions had been watched and the headmaster rewards them for their actions. The girls begin praising Emily, but she tells them all that it was Yue who defeated the dragon and as such, should be the one to be in the honor guard. The headmaster says that all four girls will be going since it was a team effort. Now Yue can hopefully get the answers she seeks.

Meanwhile just outside Ostia, Konoka, Setsuna, Kaede, and Asuna arrive to overlook the surviving floating islands with Asuna having a look as if she almost recognized the place.

Thoughts: Ho!ho! Yue kicking some major bottom, y’all. Prior to this, Yue’s artifact had merely been a reference source. However, now we see just how incredible it can be in the heat of battle. With it, she was able to direct the battle and deliver the final blow to the Griffin. There’s no doubt of her adding to the battle harem’s overall scheme of things as well as adding some additional firepower.

I guess the pactio didn’t restore Yue’s memories as I had thought it might. Still, I wonder what it will take to get her memory back.

Still, I loved the chapter. Since all four girls will be going to Ostia, I would suspect they’ll be involved in the ultimate fight with Fate.

Now, about Asuna…I wonder if her memories will be restored due to coming to Ostia. It seems as if Akamatsu-sensei is planning to do this based on how Asuna has so massively improved since their arrival on the Magic World.

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