Dirty Pair OVA 03

ダーティペア OVA Episode 03

SPOILER Summary: Yuri and Kei are dispatched to a planet which has been settled by a very religious group of people (the Tarmians). As such, Yuri and Kei are dressed in local attire, which annoys Kei. However, they have a mission as 300 people employed by the Jason-Hughes company have been killed. There’s no taxi or rental car place to get them to the city of New Heaven, so when a young farmer in a truck (carrying a cow) offers to give them a lift, they accept. However, when the man hears they want to go to New Heaven, he backs away, forcing Yuri play the part of a relative of one of the deceased. Hearing this, the man relents and they are off.

During the trip, the man talks with Kei and Yuri about their current god. However, when the man expresses doubts, the radio changes from country music to “god” speaking about not doubting him. The man’s body twists up and he is killed in a bloody manner. The supposed deity gives a death sentence to Yuri and Kei and the truck they are in goes off a cliff, forcing Yuri to save them both by securing a line to the guardrail above. The two make it on foot to New Heaven with Kei complaining about her hunger. However, when they arrive at the remains of the town, the sheer destruction reveals why no one survived.

As they investigate further, they hear chanting. Yuri and Kei observe Tarmians in environmental suits performing a ceremony with a prisoner who’s doomed to die. Before he can be slain, Yuri and Kei rescue him which leads to a confrontation with the Tarmians. The leader of the group offers a prayer and begins slicing what remains of buildings with apparently nothing but thin air. When the man attacks Yuri, she takes a metal pipe and swings at the air nearby, causing glass to shatter. With that, she’s able to shoot the man in the head. He survives but offers a prayer and a massive lightning strike kills him.

Kei and Yuri return to the man they rescued. Yuri reveals that their attacker had been wielding a clear ion-knife. Further, she reveals that memory alloy had been implanted in the rescued man (and apparently the young farmer from earlier) which would cause the body to twist on command, leading to serious injury and death, which happens to the rescued man (who was one of the Jason-Hughes people). Yuri and Kei find a group of Tarmians heading to the Bearl Shrine. Using the old technique of taking out two cultist from the end of the procession, Yuri and Kei don their suits and enter the shrine.

Inside, the duo find that the shrine is in fact a space craft as it lifts off and docks with an orbital platform. Inside, the cultist meet with their god, who detects Kei and Yuri’s presence. The two girls, now in their normal uniforms, are seen to be naked whores. They attack the place where the so-called god is and discover it to be a large robot. It snares them, but they know its tricks based in science and are able to escape, causing the robot damage in the process. As it pursues them through the space station, we learn that the “god” had been a human before transporting his brain into the robot. Kei and Yuri flee and end up in a room of power generators. They begin taking out the source of the robot’s power until they are able to destroy it. Mughi comes by in Lovely Angle to rescue Yuri and Kei as the station is destroyed. However, the destruction of the station and shrine-ship causes the weather satellites to stop working, which means that the weather on the planet will now become very destructive.

Thoughts: While ultimately more Dirty Pair fare, this episode had more of a legitimate mystery feel to it. In the end, it was more like Scooby Doo, only with a Dirty Pair finale (the destruction of the orbital station which lead to the disabling of the weather satellites).

So, just how does one actually wield a clear ion-knife when you can’t see it and it can cut through anything?

I noticed that there’s been no Namo thus far in the OVA series and little Mughi. Then again, I don’t know if Namo survived the TV series.

Still, I did enjoy this for what it was worth.

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