Sgt. Frog Manga Volume 15

Sgt. Frog Volume 15 (Keroro Gunsou)

SPOILER Summary: The first story has Keroro inspired by cop shows to enforce minor offenses within the Hinata home, only to end up being busted by the cosmic cops for his own offenses. The second story deals with a laughter plan and funny faces. The third story has Neko get Keroro’s star. She takes over the platoon once she’s turned into humanoid form. The fourth story has Koyuki-chan attempt to be more “normal” and less ninja-like. The fifth story has Natsumi working out to lose weight but when she agrees to Keroro’s workout plan, things don’t go as planned. The 6th story has Pururu (a female Keron nurse) pay a visit to her childhood friends while making a field report on them.

The final story, covering two large chapters, has Fuyuki studying Easter Island when Alisa-chan pays him a visit and even gives him a small artifact from the island. This leads to a trip by Keroro and Fuyuki to Easter Island. After a near disastrous arrival (where they are saved by the mermaid whom Fuyuki befriended), they meet a native kid (whether boy or girl is unknown). The island is under attack by a giant alien and it is even too much for Alisa-chan’s “father.” The platoon arrives and an attack by Dororo shatters the giant alien. Before it can reform, Alisa-chan’s father begins consuming it. The native child is in fact one of the giant heads on the island and Fuyuki is seen as a friend of the island while Alisa-chan is seen by some hikers as another legendary island creature.

Thoughts: For some reason, I enjoyed this volume a great deal. I loved having Alisa-chan back. She’d been sorely missed. Giving Koyuki some additional work was nice too, including addressing the issue of her having a different uniform from her fellow classmates. I like how Giroro’s brother is still looking after him. I liked Neko returning to human form to have some fun with Natsumi. Basically, there’s just a lot of fun here.

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