Shakugan no Shana-tan & Yoshida

Shakugan no Shana-tan & Yoshida -Fumina Konoe Strikes Back-

Who knew that when Shakugan no Shana-tan came out, they’d make this short its own mini franchise. Now we have six Shana-tan titles (five for the two TV series and one for the movie). The first story has Yuuji expressing giddiness over a natural airhead (Konoe) while Shana-tan and Yoshida look on. I think that was the funniest one to me simply because of how Yuuji spoke. Yoshida’s seiyuu adopted a different accent and voice octave for this sketch for some reason.

Then Shana-tan and Yoshida are brushing their teeth. Shana-tan, sitting on Yoshida’s head, ends up sending mounds of foam down onto Yoshida. Not really funny but mildly amusing with Yoshida’s different voice. The next bit featured the costume parade with Shana-tan firing a barrage of melon pan at Yoshida and Yoshida getting all cutesy, twisting Yuuji’s words into flattery for her. Yoshida’s seiyuu went back to a normal voice save at the end but what made it amusing was Yuuji’s seiyuu using a different tone of voice for acting repulsed by Yoshida’s remarks. Not funny, but amusing.

The next clip is a bit odd with Hecate and Konoe’s meeting parodied. When Hecate finally extracts Konoe’s memories, they are all of food and birds (or other flying things), meaning a failed plan. Meh. (I do enjoy seeing Hecate for some reason though). The next element was the parody of Bifrons ready to “fire his canon” (double entendre) . OK, I chucked at the double entendre. ^_^;;; Next, Yoshida ponders whether to sacrifice herself using the hougu Pheles gave her when Shana-tan would remain. An amusing end to that one.

Then we have Yoshida up with Sato using the surface of the Haridan to play solo Twister. It is kind of amusing as she ends up insulting Sato for his taste in women. Next up is the parody of Yoshida’s meeting with Ike, where she rejects him. That ended up being amusing in that she has a different accent when she’s hoping this won’t make her late to meet with Yuuji and her rejection of Ike is also amusing.

Finally, we have a longer segment featuring Sabrac. I was amused when he ended up teaching a class on how he’s riding that energy wave during his attack. Then things take a twist as Sabrac rides his energy wave right into a bar where he’s served by a very out-of-character Wilhelmina and Margery Daw (one of those establishments where in addition to the drinks, you are paying to have women fawn over you). Hearing Sabrac called “Sabu-chan” just made me giggle for some reason. More double entendre there talking about his .44 Magnum. Having Bel Peol as the “Mama” of the establishment behind the bar (where Shana-tan blissfully eats melon pan) also amused me.

Overall, an amusing outing though only a couple of actual laugh out loud moments for me. I do give kudos to the production staff for having the seiyuu adopt different accents and tones for their characters, which ended up adding to the amusement factor. I’m guessing there will be another one of these to cover the end of Shakugan no Shana Second.

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