Dirty Pair OVA 10 (finale)

ダーティペア OVA Episode 10
Dirty Pair OAV 10

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

After another independent cargo hauler ship is destroyed, the “truckers” at the Pawarnue Cargo Station are not keen to make any more runs. However, a couple of new girls, Kei and Yuri under cover, are loading cargo onto another hauler. The boss, Jayd, questions their motives considering how dangerous it is out there. Kei and Yuri say they are in it for the money and continue to work. Upon completing the load, they get ready to depart. Jayd and trucker Mash board a second cargo ship and decide join Kei and Yuri for part of the run, as their final destination is different from Daldo Station.

Kei and Yuri discuss the case and suspect that Universal Company is behind the attacks. They reckon that the company wants to have a smuggling operation and to do this, they’d need the independent haulers off the station as it would be used by the company. A couple of long-range torpedoes come in, targeting both cargo haulers. Kei and Yuri avoid being hit, but Jayd and Mash aren’t so lucky. They evacuate in EVA suits to Kei and Yuri’s ship, only to find the two girls in their own suits armed with big weapons and jet packs. After a short battle against two fighters (where the two girls tease each other about being poor shots), Kei and Yuri take down their prey and with their two male companions, proceed to Daldo Station.

On the ship, Jayd questions who they are. Kei and Yuri don’t answer the question and Jayd understands the need to keep secrets. Indeed, he has one where he killed a man in self defense nearly 15 years ago before fleeing to Pawarnue. Mash tells the girls that Jayd has made payments to the family of the dead man all this time. However, despite the fact that the killing was self defense, he’s still wanted for murder until the Statute of Limitations, which should be soon. It is then that law enforcement fighters approach the cargo hauler and request the ship follow them to Daldo Station for inspection of smuggled goods.

Once landed, Kei and Yuri have Jayd and Mughi hide in a cargo container. As Kei, Yuri, and Mash wait outside, two cops (under orders) plant Paranium in a small cargo box and bring it out. The three are then arrested and put into a cell for smuggling. When this is reported to the chief, he requests that the three be “removed.” The chief is with the president of Universal Company where they talk about their deal and the troubles the president has had with Pawarnue Cargo Station.

Kei and Yuri learn that the president of Universal Company is on the station and so they enlist Mash’s help. So when the guards come to get the prisoners, Kei and Yuri spring their own trap and get the facts from the main officer. They take him back to the chief’s office, where the two confront the chief and the president. The main officer gets the drop on Mash and escapes and in the confusion, the president and chief escape. Kei and Yuri give chase but soon find themselves pinned down by fire from the other police officers.

Things look grim until all of the truckers from Pawarnue Cargo Station arrive outside Daldo Station, having been summoned by Jayd. They launch cargo pods and containers at the Pawarnue Cargo Station, causing some damage. This allows Kei and Yuri to relieve the station of a couple of rocket launchers, where they then proceed to take out the president’s ship and the chief’s ship before the two can exit the station (both men on their ships when said ships were destroyed). The truckers from Pawarnue fear that Kei and Yuri will arrest Jayd, but they tell him that on the station, the Statute of Limitations is past and they leave. However, Jayd knows that once he leaves the station, the warrant will be active again, something Kei and Yuri find out later and bicker about.


Heh! Tenchi’s seiyuu KIKUCHI Masami (he’s also Keiichi from Ah! My Goddess) played Mash in this episode. It is always fun when I hear a seiyuu who’s voice I know well do another role.

This makes yet another episode where Kei and Yuri decide to take EVA suits out to battle space ships, this time fighters. *lol* That really is too much but oh well. It is the last episode so we’ll let it slide I guess.

We had a tribute to Aliens with the loaders Yuri and Kei used, complete with the loading of what looked like the missiles from Aliens.

It is too bad that rather than use the original Kei and Yuri, the franchise was turned into Dirty Pair Flash, which was awful. I wouldn’t mind seeing more (and maybe I’ll get to do just that with the TV series since I’ve only seen a few episodes in my re-watch). Despite it being mostly fluff and sometimes defying logic, there’s a certain level of fun with the series that overcomes its flaws.

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