Kagetora Manga Volume 10

Kagetora Manga Volume 10
カゲトラ Volume 10

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Chapter 43 sees Kagetora decide to take Yuki to his village for a trip to his mother’s grave. However, his father has returned and has words for Kagetora. In chapter 44, Kagetora confesses his love to Yuki and she to him. Sakuya learns of this and encourages Kagetora to not stop being Yuki’s oyakume, but for the couple to keep things secret. Kagetora and Yuki visit Kagetora’s mother’s grave in chapter 45 where Yuki has some private time to say something at the grave site. The two miss their stop on returning home and end up going on a date to a temple.

Chapter 46 sees Sousuke learn of Kagetora and Yuki’s relationship. Yuki and Kagetora learn that Aki is now dating Kujou. Meanwhile, Kaya is sent by Yuki’s grandmother to also be Yuki’s oyakume after Yuki’s mother sees Yuki’s improved skills. In chapter 47, Kaya tests Kagetora at school and loses. She reports to Yuki’s mother that Kagetora is doing a great job as oyakume. Kagetora is summoned by Yuki’s mother, who compliments him on his fine job and then tells him his job as oyakume is over. She then orders him to return to his village and await his next assignment.

The omake chapter shows how Kagetora got Sousuke as an animal partner.

Thoughts/Review: I’m glad that Kagetora and Yuki are now a couple. Granted, this was the expected outcome but when it finally happens, it is a nice moment. I’m guessing that Yuki’s mother sending Kagetora away is her way of clearing the path so that Kagetora and Yuki can be a couple.

Speaking of couples, I’m glad that Segami-sensei made Aki and Kujou a couple. That was hinted at last volume when Aki showed she had respect for Kujou. Aki has been a character that has changed most. She started out as a tough-girl character who seemed to have a lesbian crush on Yuki in the first volume. Indeed, I see Aki-Yuki-Kagetora as the first love-triangle of the manga which then dissolves before Segami-sensei introduces the next person to add to Yuki and Kagetora for a love-triangle.

One thing I enjoy about this manga is the light-hearted nature of it. Even when Kagetora or Yuki ponder their feelings for each other, we don’t get bogged down in angst, long-standing misunderstandings, or other things that might put me off. As such, this is a manga who’s world I don’t mind returning to again, even if there’s nothing deep to it.

One more volume and the manga is over.

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