Keroro Gunsou 58

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 58
Sgt. Frog anime, 58
Keroro Gunsou episode 58

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: It is a hot day and in the underground Keron HQ, the platoon is listless as Moa arrives with cold beverages from a nearby vending machine. Despite his complaints, Giroro enjoys his beverage. When Keroro pops the top of his soda, he’s sprayed in the face. Giroro points out that this is what Keroro gets for ordering a carbonated beverage. However, Keroro has an idea and decides to get into the vending machine business as an invasion plan that will make the humans completely helpless and dependent on the machine. Dororo objects to an evil plan and is shunned by the rest of the platoon. Moa reminds Keroro of the anime on Keron based on the platoon and that kids may be harmed by learning of their evil deeds.

Thinking of this, Keroro changes the plan so that the vending machine will generate tons of revenue. Kururu builds a machine and each member of the platoon creates a drink with its own catch. They place the vending machine in front of the Hinata home and sell the beverages for ¥100. Fuyuki is the first customer, unaware of the machine’s owner, and finds his beverage to be outstanding. Natsumi follows and agrees. Now the platoon has a winning idea. Mutsumi advertises the vending machine location on the radio causing business to boom. Keroro launches phase 2, but with the cost of ingredients going up, he arranges to have the products watered down. Kururu presents the next version of the vending machine, which ends up forcing all of the platoon to drink 3-liters of beverage while taking all their money. Thus the plan ultimately fails.

Tamama is working out at the remote Nishizawa Group dojo while being observed by Nishizawa and Paul. Tamama asks Paul to spar with him, which Paul agrees to. However, Paul defeats Tamama. As such, Tamama runs to Keroro crying about this, so Keroro takes Tamama to another dojo where he makes Tamama see that his “Tamama Impact” attack is weak in that it is a straight-line attack. Keroro trains Tamama by making him do Keroro’s chores. While doing the laundry, Tamama gets an idea for a spinning attack. Dororo comes by the dojo to test Tamama and while the “Tamama Impact” moves, it is still avoidable.

Tamama is depressed but takes encouragement Keroro’s words. However, when Moa arrives, Tamama’s jealousy gets the best of him and he encases a Tamama Impact within a Jealousy Ball attack. The result is devastating causing Keroro and Dororo to be taken out. With this new attack, Tamama challenges Paul to a rematch. Keroro is bound to a chair for the match as the fight begins. As expected, Paul is able to avoid the moving Tamama Impact attacks, so Tamama looks at the bound Keroro and launches the new Death Blow attack. As the attack hits Keroro, it bounces and now Paul cannot be sure where it will land. Moa arrives to help Keroro and seeing this, Tamama loses concentration; the Death Blow attack hits him instead.

Thoughts/Review: The first story is an amusing adaptation of a manga story. I like the anime one better because of the changes made to the end of the story. I don’t remember exactly what made the vending machine plan fail in the manga, but having a new vending machine basically force beverages down the Kerons throat while taking their money made me laugh.

The second story with Tamama wanting to defeat Paul and being “trained” by Keroro was amusing but no real laughs.

By the way, Kururu says, “Drink Dr. Pepper Dr. Bebber or else.” ^_^ There were parodies of Japanese beverages too, but I only knew Pocari Sweat.

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