Negima! Manga Vol 24 (Ch 222) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 24 Chapter 222 (manga)
Negima! Manga Vol 24 (Ch 222) *SPOILERS*


Setsuna, Asuna, and chibi-Chisame are discussing Setsuna’s plans to join Kaede and Ku Fei down on the ruined, crashed islands below when Asuna spots Negi next to a rail a great distance away. Setsuna is impressed with Asuna’s eyesight considering Negi is but a speck in the crowd but her mood changes when she detects something is not right at Negi’s location. That’s because Negi and Fate have now met.

Negi’s dark magic flows, which causes a reaction from Fate but before anything can happen, Asuna and Setsuna appear in front of Negi, taking up a defensive position. Both girls warn Fate to keep back, but he ignores them and easily slips past them, remarking on how calm Negi is compared to the swordswoman and princess. Setsuna ponders taking out Fate in a single attack, but Fate seems to read her mind and tells her such an attack would fail. Fate then tells Negi that his purpose in being here is not to fight Negi, but simply to have a discussion with him and offer him a deal. Negi doesn’t believe it, leading Fate to inform Negi that Negi has no idea who Fate’s group is or their purpose. As such, Negi may well wish to hear Fate’s words.

Meanwhile, Chisame and Chamo have moved a kilometer away from the area as Setsuna instructed them and see no signs of a battle. Chamo states that they need to get help now. Chisame knows that Ku and Kaede could never arrive in time from their current location, so Chamo suggest contacting Jack. Chisame isn’t sure that Jack will help, but tells Chamo to let Jack know that Fate is involved. Chisame then contacts Kotaro, who leaves Natsumi to head to the location.

Returning to where Fate and Negi are, Fate is seated at a table and Negi joins him while Asuna and Setsuna stand guard. Setsuna knows that with Fate’s powers, he’s basically holding hundreds of bystanders hostage, meaning they are pretty much powerless to do anything. Fate and Negi then get into a debate over the proper way to drink tea before engaging in conversation over Negi’s choice to take up his father’s role of Magister Magi and protecting the world.

Fate states that Negi is merely a teacher with 20 students and friends on a summer outing, charged with their safe return. Fate does not plan to get into Negi’s way of returning home, despite the fact that it was Fate’s people who caused Negi and company to be wanted outlaws. Fate informs Negi that it was mere chance that they fought in Kyoto and at the gateport as Negi simply happened to be in the way of Fate doing his job.

Fate offers Negi and company safe passage home in exchange for the princess, which Negi refuses. Fate continues, stating that she (Asuna) has no relatives and her not returning to the “real” world would not cause any harm. Indeed, Fate informs Negi that Asuna’s personality is fake as are her memories. Negi has heard enough and sends the table flying into the air before throwing a punch at Fate and telling him to shut it. Fate stops the punch with his hand responds with a remark on how hot tempered Negi is.

Thoughts/Review: Well, I didn’t expect a fight and none happened. However, Negi’s now thrown a punch. Somehow, I don’t think a fight will ensue. Instead, I think that Asuna may find herself kidnapped, or an attempt to kidnap her be made. I figure at least some of Fate’s comrades (maybe those school girls) are nearby ready to spring a trap. If that’s the case, they have to be prepared for the possibility of Asuna canceling their magic. Fate would have to be prepared for that too since it is clear his magic has no effect on her.

Now, how would you capture Asuna? Akamatsu-sensei has shown that even the most powerful magic trap has no effect on her. Also, her abilities may be the real reason that Fate and company haven’t tried to snare her themselves thus far (having bounty hunters seek her out due to them all being considered outlaws is merely a way to see if they can catch her on the cheap and if not, prepare something that will catch her). Asuna has been captured before though (remember Graf Herrman?), so it isn’t impossible.

Still, Asuna’s abilities to see and hear things from great distances is most impressive. Further, the fact that she and Setsuna surprised both Negi and Fate with their sudden appearance says something to me. I was reminded of the time when Negi had to summon both during the Kyoto arc. How far they have come in such a short time.

Kotaro isn’t much of a re-enforcement considering Fate’s powers, to say nothing of his co-harts. It is a shame that Ku and Kaede haven’t made pactios with Negi since I don’t think they are out of teleport range or telepathic range (they could be though). Chachamaru is the only other fighter of the group and she’s out with Asakura hunting for Anya and Yue (why haven’t they detected Yue anyway?). I think Takahata was at the greeting ceremony last chapter (not sure though) so if he and Mana are nearby, that would be some extra backup. Where Cocone, Misora, Mei and Takane are, I’ve no clue but one would assume they traveled to Ostia.

Finally, I love Setsuna’s look. OK, maybe the cat ears are a bit much, but she looks every bit like a fierce bodyguard in the suit.

No chapter next week, though I know there will be lots of searches for Negima chapter 223 based on certain traffic patterns to the blog. *lol* So hopefully, the next Negima blog entry will be on the 21st or so.

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2 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 24 (Ch 222) *SPOILERS*”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Fate is making a mistake in assuming that Asuna’s memories and experiences on Mahora are fake. Her memories being erased is one thing, but I think that Asuna’s time at Mahora in becoming friends with so many people now means that she has evolved beyond whatever tool she was during the war.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, I tend to agree with you. I don’t think Asuna is the same person she was and I don’t think it is fake. Then again, I can’t help but think of how she lost it in the tournament and how her memories seemed to be overwhelming her until she took Jack’s medicine.

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