Keroro Gunsou 59

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 59
Sgt. Frog anime, 59
Keroro Gunsou episode 59

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Keroro dons his shogun helmet and launches the new plan which involves him acquiring a castle. To this end, he starts building a castle model, which irritates Giroro, who then breaks one of the supporting pillar pieces to show his frustration. Despite this, Keroro quickly finishes the model and then douses it with a special liquid to make it grow. Nothing happens, so Kururu provides the answer — feed the castle with materials starting with Keroro’s Gundam models. Giroro approves of this and the feeding begins. Because they need more materials and Natsumi is not happy with them taking stuff around the house, the platoon takes materials illegally dumped, some of which goes back to the times of the shoguns. They feed this to the castle, causing it to grow. However, the castle now has a spirit inside it which wishes to go to Kyoto. Thus, the castle leaves.

Keroro is unconcerned about the castle’s potential destruction of Kyoto until it is pointed out to him that the castle is first heading for the Gundam toy factory. With that, Keroro decides the platoon must act. The ghost that lives in the Hinata home, whom they address as Yuurei-chan (Ghost-chan), figures out where the spirit in the castle is residing. Keroro assigns Dororo to infiltrate the castle and Dororo is joined by Koyuki. The two quickly make their way inside and are soon joined by Tamama, Giroro, and Keroro. Koyuki warns of traps, but Keroro ends up racing ahead and setting traps off. Eventually, they make it to where the spirit is. The spirit forces Koyuki and Dororo to fight their shadow selves, who have the same abilities as Koyuki and Dororo. Keroro remembers the broken pillar support and finding it, he causes a partial destruction of the castle. The spirit turns out to be a lowly foot soldier who pledges himself to Keroro in the next life. With that, the castle returns to normal, model size.

Thoughts/Review: This is a mildly amusing episode. The parodies being based in part on Japanese history and folklore is going to mean less humor for those who aren’t versed in the subjects. I wonder how this would get dubbed?

I did learn one thing from this episode — illegal dumping is apparently a big problem in Japan and has been going on since the waring states period. So give a hoot and don’t pollute, y’all.

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