Space Battleship Yamato 06

Uchuu Senkan Yamato Episode 06
宇宙戦艦ヤマト Ep. 06 (TV, Anime)
Space Battleship Yamato 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Space Battleship Yamato 06Commander Shultz reports to Vice President Hiss about the Yamato and is told to achieve victory over Yamato (or else). The Gamilons at the Pluto base notice Yamato has gone to Titan, a moon of Saturn, and dispatch a craft to observe them. On the Yamato, their energy levels are down due to energy transfer conduits overheating. They need cosmonite to make new conduits for the energy transfers and Yuki has found some on Titan. Captain Okita orders Yuki, Susumu, and Analyzer down to find cosmonite while Sanada is ordered to take a fleet of shuttles to gather other supplies.

Space Battleship Yamato 06As Sanada’s team gathers supplies, the Gamilus scout craft is detected by Yamato, so Sanada’s entire team immediately evacuates in their shuttles. Susumu refuses to return to the ship and keeps flying until Analyzer detects a patch of cosmonite. Susumu lands the ship and Analyzer immediately starts cutting out blocks of cosmonite and loading them onto the ship. Their activities are seen by the 2-man crew from the scout ship, which has now landed. The two Gamilons are ordered to interfere with the mining and capture the two humans and robot. As such, the two soldiers get into tanks and attack, destroying Susumu’s 3-man craft.

Space Battleship Yamato 06Yuki, Susumu, and Analyzer flee but are quickly running out of options. Susumu orders Analyzer to protect Yuki as he heads in another direction. In doing so, the tanks split up to give chase. Susumu eludes the tank chasing him and finds a spot where he can observe his opponent. He manages to jump on the tank, open the hatch, and kill the soldier. However, Yuki and Susumu are not faring so well until Analyzer stops the tank, picks it up, and tosses it upside-down. The Gamilon soldier gets out and captures Yuki, Analyzer, and Susumu with his gun. Susumu sees a gun in the ice and having Analyzer cover him, Susumu goes for the gun and manages to shoot the Gamilon soldier.

Space Battleship Yamato 06Susumu wonders where the gun came from and is stunned to see it is his older brother’s gun. He then sees the iced-over wreckage of his brothers ship, the missile destroyer Yukikaze. Susumu makes a frantic search, calling for his older brother but to no avail. Yuki tells Susumu that they need to leave and they get into a ship and return to Yamato. Upon returning, Susumu is summoned to see the captain as repairs are instantly made to Yamato using cosmonite. Okita asks for a report on Yukikaze, so Susumu gives it. Okita has a tear in his eye knowing Captain Kodai is dead for sure. With that, Yamato leaves Saturn.


One great thing about the future — things can happen in an instant and with little effort. Seriously, it only takes one robot to mine a bunch of cosmonite ore in mere minutes. Then when the ship to carry the stuff is destroyed, another is somehow there to receive the previously destroyed ore. Oh yeah, and THEN there are the instant repairs to Yamato with the cosmonite (which has been refined and molded into piping for energy transfers in a flash apparently). Amazing stuff in the future.

Having the episode feature a discovery of the wrecked Yukikaze smacked of forced drama. After all, in episode 1, we saw the ship destroyed. Ah, but we were wrong. Despite being surrounded and exploding, in fact the ship didn’t explode and managed to somehow get to Titan in time to be encased in ice. Amazing stuff in the future.

Basically, this episode is continued a pattern of, “Ooo! There’s a problem with Yamato. Ooo! Daisuke looks like he’s massively constipated as he flies the ship. Ooo! We need to fix the ship so Daisuke can relieve his bowels. Ooo! Here’s a fix! Ooo! The Gamilons send out a non-serious attack on Yamato or its crew. Ooo! Yamato wins the day. Ooo! Things instantly OK and Daisuke knows sweet, sweet, emptying relief.”

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