Macross Frontier 20

マクロスF Episode 20
Macross F Ep. 20
Macross Frontier Anime
Macross Frontier 20

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Macross Frontier 20Alto is encouraging Sheryl when a spell of weakness overcomes her, causing Alto to catch her. It is this that Ranka sees and becomes devastated. She tries to flee but trips and falls, her feelings causing her more pain than the fall. Her distress causes massive swarms of 2nd-stage Vajra to emerge from all over and attack. Meanwhile, the sniper who had been targeting the President gets killed by a Vajra. The President and security escape safely, allowing the President to make a call to a surprised Leon, who expected him to be dead by now. Cathy and Ozama use this to their advantage to overcome Leon’s security and make their escape. Leon sees a way to make lemonade out of the situation and still kill the President.

Macross Frontier 20Back at the school, Alto tries to encourage Ranka to sing to placate the massive numbers of Vajra. Crying, Ranka rejects this as she’s had enough of being a tool. It takes Sheryl first slapping Ranka, then embracing her to get Ranka to calm down and decide to sing. However, the pain in her heart over seeing Alto with Sheryl is something Ranka cannot get over. As such, her song has the opposite effect on the Vajra, causing them to become more aggressive. It is this that Brera, Leon, and Grace witness. Leon asks Grace if this is part of her plan. It is not, but the event is not completely unexpected. Grace orders Brera to fight off the Vajra inside Macross Frontier as they cannot have it destroyed yet. She threatens him in “virtual space” so that he’s compelled to do what she asks.

Macross Frontier 20Things are grim as the Vajra reap massive destruction within the main island of Macross Frontier. Nanase is badly injured and Sheryl stays with her, telling Alto and the others to leave. Micheal, Klan, Alto, Luca, and Ranka flee, Alto taking Ranka’s hand which reminds her of her past briefly (of a young Brera). Meanwhile, the Vajra fleet has folded in and begun to attack the Macross fleet. As the President makes his way to Battle Frontier, he’s greeted by Leon and his security, who kill the President and his security. Sometime later, Cathy and Ozama (who are also heading to Battle Frontier) find the bodies of the President and his security people. Cathy is shocked and weeps over the loss of her father.

Macross Frontier 20Meanwhile, Alto and company have made it to the S.M.S. building where Luca is trying to get them through one of the secured doors. Klan takes the opportunity to confess her feelings for Micheal after they get the doors open and to try to get him to open his heart to her. She kisses him before returning to her chamber to return to her normal, giant size. Alto and Micheal attempt to hold off the small Vajra as Klan goes through the transformation process. A vajra breaks through and threatens to kill the vulnerable Klan. Micheal flies up with his jet back and fights off the Vajra. He ends up getting stabbed as Klan watches, but he saves her and Macross Frontier 20confesses he loves her. He then gets blown out of a breach in the hull before it reseals.

Still elsewhere, Sheryl sees the despair among the people in the emergency shelter. She looks at her earring with the fold gem and thinks about Alto’s words to her about not giving up on her own singing. As such, she begins singing in the shelter to bring a ray of hope to the people huddled there.


Macross Frontier 20Wow. I didn’t expect Micheal to be killed off like that (well, I suppose he could survive somehow but it seems unlikely to me). I found it interesting that when Klan confessed to him, she used the simple “suki da” to express her feelings (she likes/loves and cares about him). However, Micheal used “aishiteru,” which is the romantic (deeper) form of expressing one’s love for another. So that was a sweet moment but sad that it had to happen this way.

Too bad the President still ended up dying. I have to say that I rather enjoyed Leon’s reaction when he learned that the President was still alive. Of course, I expect Leon to get his in the end, but I would have liked the President to have made it through alive. This still raises the point of, “Why now?”

Macross Frontier 20Interesting that Brera can be overridden and forced to do what Grace wants. Well, he is a cyborg so that’s not unexpected I guess.

With this episode, I have to say that Macross Frontier has recaptured my interest. I’d begun to become tired of the show (not bored, just weary) but that was not the case this time. I’m hoping that from here on out, things are just as good.

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