Keroro Gunsou 60

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 60
Sgt. Frog anime, 60
Keroro Gunsou episode 60

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Natsumi is bored but when a mini Keroro and Tamama enter her room in weird racing vehicles, she’s annoyed and steps out into Kururu’s trap. Kururu shrinks her as well and turns one of her slippers into a racing hover motorbike. Keroro challenges her to a race with the loser having to do all the chores for a week. Kururu and Fuyuki are in a mini-copter to observe the race as the platoon has laid down a track throughout the house in and out. Thanks to Kururu, there are no disqualifications and racers can be repaired. Also, Kururu has some special traps or boosters to help. The race comes down to Keroro and Natsumi with Keroro using warp to get ahead of Natsumi. However, he’s busted by Cosmo Police Woman Poyon-chan for speeding through time and space, thus Natsumi wins.

Moa-chan is manning the base and takes a 3-day nap. When she wakes up, she’s still half asleep and when she offers to help Keroro do the dishes, she ends up breaking them which leads to Natsumi punishing Keroro thanks to Tamama’s betrayal. Moa-chan nods off again and comes to, this time she has the personality of the yankee girl Moa-chan’s human form is based on. Eventually, Kururu reveals that Moa-chan has a sleeping illness and that to cure her, she needs her deepest desire fulfilled. Keroro believes Moa’s desire is to destroy a planet or two but with Moa getting worse, Keroro gets concerned and sheds a tear for her, which lands on her cheek. Tamama gets jealous and sends his special attack down which hits Keroro as Moa comes to. She sees the injured Keroro and sends an attack that takes out Tamama. Turns out that Moa’s deepest desire was to have Keroro care for her.

Review/Thoughts: OK, I’m having some fun with this episode. The first story had the Speed Racer parody and while I never really watched that as a kid, I still appreciated the parody. The parody that got me was the Space Battleship Yamato reference when Keroro went to warp. I would never have gotten that had it not been for the fact that I’m now watching/blogging the series as of this posting.

What happened to Kururu’s “KU!Ku!ku!ku!ku!” laugh? Its just not the same without that. Fortunately it is back in the second story.

Speaking of the second story, it seems to be a modified version of a manga story, but I can’t tell for sure. It was amusing for what it was worth.

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