Space Battleship Yamato 05

Uchuu Senkan Yamato Episode 05
宇宙戦艦ヤマト Ep. 05 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The Gamilon’s are stunned by Yamato‘s successes as the battleship leaves Mars and arrives at Jupiter. However, Yamato begins to shake as an energy transfer pipe is broken. Jupiter’s gravity has them, but they happen to encounter a floating island in Jupiter’s cloud cover. Captain Okita orders a landing so that repairs can be made to the ship as Analyzer takes a reading of the atmosphere. The Gamilus commanders Gantz and Shultz order a lone fighter-bomber to check out where the Yamato landed. Susumu launches his own fighter and after a dogfight with the enemy where Susumu’s craft takes damage, Susumu takes down the Gamilon fighter.

Gantz and Shultz are annoyed by this and order a massive missile strike on Yamato‘s position. Fortunately, Yamato‘s engineers have completed repairs so Captain Okita orders Daisuke to get Yamato off the island. The ship takes off just as the missiles rain down. Susumu, having returned to the ship, requests permission to destroy the Gamilon base. Okita denies the request until Yamato is safely in orbit of Jupiter, where it is now chasing the floating island. At this point, Okita calls a staff meeting and agrees to use Yamato‘s main Wave-Motion gun to destroy the base once Yamato catches back up to the island. Yamato catches the island and destroys not only the base, but the entire island. However, because the main power is lost with the firing of the main weapon, the Yamato is in trouble of being pulled in and crushed by Jupiter. Power is transfered from the main gun to the engines and Yamato is barely able to escape.

Thoughts/Review: So, Yamato needed a warp test to get from Earth’s moon to Mars in an instant. So just how did they get from Mars to Jupiter in such a short time? Why weren’t the crew stunned to find a floating island in Jupiter’s orbit? Just some things to think about.

Good thing the Gamilon’s are stupid. They dispatched a war fleet to destroy Earth’s fleet. Where is that fleet to take out Yamato? Seems pretty simple to me, but what do I know?

I have to keep in mind that this show was created in the mid-70’s when writing styles were a lot different. So I will keep pressing on.

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