Pocket Monsters 06

ポケットモンスター Ep. 06

SPOILER Summary: Kasumi, Satoshi, and Takeshi are making their way to Hanada City via Mt. Otsukimi (Moon Watching mountain). There, they encounter a strange scientist outside a cave named Rikao, who’s under attack from a group of Zubats. Pikachu sends and electric attack to shoo them off. Seeing how Pikachu is not in a Monster Ball and interacts with Satoshi excites Rikao, as he feels this is how things should be. He talks of the Moon Stone which is rumored to be in this mountain, which supposedly has the power to evolve Pokémon. He feels the Moon Stone may be a vehicle used by Pokémon to come to Earth.

Inside the cave, they discover it has been strung with lights and is causing problems for various Pokémon that live inside. They see a Pippi Pokémon carrying a stone, but Rikao forbids Satoshi from capturing it. Nyarth appears and it is soon clear who’s behind the problems — Rocket-dan. With Kasumi assigned to protect Rikao, Satoshi launches Butterfree while Takeshi uses a Zubat he captured to counter Arbo and Dogas. The good guys win, sending Rocket-dan flying out of the cave with their Pokémon, save for Nyarth. Outside, Kasumi and Rikao follow the Pippi, until Nyarth arrives to take it. Since they are near a stream, Kasumi uses her starfish-type Hitodemon to defeat Nyarth.

Now safe, Pippi and Pikachu talk. Pikachu uses charades to communicate what Pippi says as Pippi leads them to the Moon Stone. There, they find a large group of Pippi live. Rocket-dan returns to challenge Satoshi and company. With Dogas providing smoke cover, Arbo digs in the earth forcing Takeshi to summon Iwark (the rock-snake Pokémon) and Satoshi to summon Pidgeon to deal with the smoke. Sadly, the attack by Rocket-dan was a ruse and they’ve stolen the Moon Stone. With it on a large sled, Rocket-dan sled their way down the mountain, chased by Satoshi and company. Since Takeshi had ordered Iwark to dig and follow, Iwark emerges in front of Rocket-dan, causing them to crash.

The Pippi arrive and cause a massive explosion underneath Rocket-dan, sending them flying off. Some Moon Stone fragments fall to the earth and those that touch a Pippi cause the Pokémon to evolve into Pixie. With the Moon Stone returned to its proper place, the Pixie and Pippi celebrate. Rikao is happy that Pokémon are happy, so Satoshi and company continue on their journey to Hanada City. On a sign pointing the direction to the city, Satoshi’s rival Shigeru leaves an insult for Satoshi. Satoshi takes the bait and is off with a run, leaving Kasumi, Takeshi, and Pikachu behind.

Thoughts: I love HAYASHIBARA Megumi. She just cracks me up as Musashi. Not belly laughs mind you, just the way she plays the part.

I know it is silly of me to watch and blog a kids show, but I just find it amusing. I’m not going to have any deep thoughts about such a series, but hey, it is all in fun, right? Still, I couldn’t help but detect a bit of a political element with Rikao’s blathering.

I had assumed that the series was just on some strange planet, but after seeing this episode, it almost appears that they are supposed to be on Earth (or an Earth of some kind). Weird.

Kasumi finally got a chance to use her Pokémon. Too bad she has to be near water to be effective.

I’m sure I’ll watch more if the opportunity arises despite the fact that this is a kids anime. Blame Megumi-san. ^_~

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4 Responses to “Pocket Monsters 06”

  1. S161 says:

    Lol Pokemon is so old !! I was watching that long time ago ^^ good anime 4 kids ^^
    watch anime for free

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    *lol* It is. However, I wanted to watch the show in Japanese, not the 4Kids version.

  3. Gyt Kaliba says:

    As long as you’re checking out original Japanese versions of anime that’s more for kids, you should give some Digimon Adventure a look. ^_^

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I think I saw an episode or two of “Digimon” but for whatever reason, I saw more of “Pokemon.” But to be honest, my real reason for watching “Pokemon” in the Japanese is HAYASHIBARA Megumi. After seeing her in “Slayers,” I started watching a lot of different titles she did voices for.

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