Space Battleship Yamato 04

Uchuu Senkan Yamato Episode 04
宇宙戦艦ヤマト Ep. 04 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: On Gamilus, Vice President (副総統) Hiss reports to Supreme Leader Desler that the Yamato has survived the long-range missile attack. Desler isn’t worried about it and leaves it to his commanders at the Pluto base — Gantz and Shultz. As the crew leaves Earth on course for the moon, they are briefed about the warp technology provided them with the Wave-Motion engine. Yuki, as the Yamato‘s radar person, is assigned the task of finding a clear spot from which to perform a warp test.

As the robot wakes the sleeping Sado-sensei for some comedy, the Gamilons on Pluto launch a carrier to take out the Yamato. The crew of Yamato makes preparations for a warp test after Yuki finds a suitable spot. The incoming Gamilon carrier is detected by Yamato, but because of the warp test preparations, none of their weapons can be brought online. Susumu receives permission to launch the Black Tiger fighter squadron to intercept the Gamilon fighters. The Black Tiger’s clear the skies with only one damaged fighter. Captain Okita orders the fighters to return. The damaged fighter barely manages to limp back before the carrier launches missiles. However, the Yamato was able to warp from the moon to Mars.

The Gamilons are stunned by this development and report this back to Desler, who again is unconcerned. The crew of Yamato celebrates their success. The warp test caused some damage though, so Captain Okita orders Yamato to land on Mars to effect repairs. Before the repair work starts, some of the crew decide to enjoy the snow that is falling on Mars.

Thoughts/Review: Why is it snowing on Mars? Weird.

I wonder if Yuki is going to be the show’s default babe for the situation. They needed a nurse early on, so she was a nurse. Now they need a babe on the bridge, so she’s a radar person. Plus, when we warp, her clothes disappear completely. Yay! Isn’t that special? I know that didn’t make the cut for the Star Blazer‘s version. *lol*

Talk about a design flaw — perform a warp test and all your weapons are offline? I could understand your main guns maybe, but not the smaller, anti-aircraft ones.

Regardless, the episode is pretty slow with lots of exposition on their warp technology. That said, I’m guessing there is some table setting for future things.

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