Keroro Gunsou 63

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 63
Sgt. Frog anime, 63
Keroro Gunsou episode 63

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Keroro has been tasked by HQ with writing a report of Pekopon youth and it is due on the following day. So a plan is hatched so that Keroro (in a human suit) becomes a substitute teacher for Fuyuki’s class, the normal teacher having been kept away from school by Kururu dressed as an old woman. Keroro uses a special chalk to cause the class to accept him when he starts writing on the chalk board. Giroro and Tamama are also in the class, only as thugs and Keroro gets the class to accept them as well. Only Tsukigamami from the Journalism Club is skeptical. Keroro begins teaching about aliens, even giving the willing class a test on the subject. He has them to weird exercises but at the end of the day, the class loves him as he returns home, where he discovers he forgot to even write his report.

Keroro’s father arrives with an omiai packet containing the girl he wishes Keroro to consider for marriage. This is a devastating thing for Keroro as marriage will mean giving up Gunpla. In desperation, Keroro states that he already has a girl — Natsumi. Natsumi is not willing but a pleading, desperate look from Keroro gets her to go along. This news causes Mao-chan to be depressed until the situation is explained to her. Of course, Tamama isn’t happy either. Meanwhile, Natsumi is requested to resonate with Keroro, which takes her some time before it finally happens. Keroro’s father has Natsumi do some other things as well before they call it a day. The following morning, Keroro’s father has departed and left a note saying that the omiai stuff was just an excuse and that he never bought Keroro and Natsumi’s act, proving his legendary reputation.

Thoughts/Review: Kururu pretty much makes this episode when he has his trademark “KU!Ku!ku!ku!” laugh. For the first story, which is a parody of the “you can do it” type of manga and anime, Kururu’s being dressed as an old woman on the back of the teacher was amusing, but it became funny to me when Kururu gave his trademark laugh.

For the second story, again it was Kururu’s laugh at the situation that made me chuckle. Of course I also got a laugh at Natsumi having been forced to play the part of Keroro’s wife to be. ^_^ I have to say that these anime-only stories haven’t been too bad.

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