Keroro Gunsou 66

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 66
Sgt. Frog anime, 66
Keroro Gunsou episode 66

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro Gunsou 66Natsumi, Fuyuki, Tamama, and Keroro are enjoying time in the underground pool when the Event Alien arrives to receive his payment for some space soccer tickets Keroro asked for prior to the Earth invasion. The price is two humans, thus Natsumi and Fuyuki are taken. Giroro is very angry that Keroro signed such a contract. Giroro, Tamama, and Keroro board their craft as Kururu launches them to pursue the Event Alien craft, still in Earth orbit. The trio enter and make their way through various TV studios, where various space programs are being aired or taped (parodies of Japanese programs). Eventually, the frustrated Giroro finds Natsumi and Fuyuki on a baby exercise program where after learning that the Event Alien needed the two humans for the TV show, he joins them. Keroro is given the bill for all the sets Giroro destroyed.

Keroro Gunsou 66Natsumi gets advice from the announcer on what dress to wear, then heads out on a date. Giroro goes nuts over this, so he, Keroro, and Tamama follow Natsumi with their barriers activated. Natsumi’s “date” is with Koyuki-chan, and the two are going shopping. Koyuki senses Giroro and throws a series of shuriken his direction, only to be chastised by Natsumi for not being normal. Giroro thinks he should be relieved that it is only Koyuki, but he can’t help but continue to tail them as they board the train. Naturally, Keroro and Tamama follow as Giroro’s jealousy gets higher and higher as he watches Koyuki so close to Natsumi.

Keroro Gunsou 66They reach their destination with Natsumi wanting to check out a local eatery for its parfait. Koyuki misunderstands this as “climb and fly” and starts walking up the side of the building. Koyuki gets chastised again. Inside the restaurant, Koyuki is impressed by all she sees, including the desert. Tamama wants a parfait as well, so the trio don human suits to enter the establishment and have deserts. Giroro continues to be in a jealous fury which triggers Koyuki’s senses. She again throws several shuriken at the source of the feeling before leaping to the ceiling. Natsumi forbids Koyuki from throwing more shuriken or clinging to ceilings for the rest of the day and Tamama doesn’t get to eat a parfait.

Keroro Gunsou 66Natsumi and Koyuki go shopping where Koyuki continues to have troubles acting normal. As such, as Natsumi tries on clothing, Koyuki is able to try on seven at once thanks to her ninja skills. Koyuki and Natsumi take a boat ride, still tailed by Keroro and company. However, when Keroro gets sea sick, they lose the couple. At the end of the day, Natsumi buys Koyuki a bracelet, which Koyuki treasures. Koyuki leaves via a ninja kite as Keroro and company try to find them. As they talk, they are found by Natsumi, who is not happy at having been followed. Meanwhile back home, Koyuki is bothered that her ninja skills may be fading, but Dororo reminds her she wants to be more normal and thus she has no worries. This makes Koyuki happy.


Keroro Gunsou 66I wasn’t that taken with the first story, which was little more than an excuse to show a parody of Japanese TV programs. I was amused when Keroro’s seiyuu, WATANABE Kumiko, played the space alien version of herself. ^_^

For the story with Koyuki and Natsumi’s “date,” I laughed when Natsumi forbade Koyuki from using her shurikens in public. I also laughed when I saw how Keroro was positioned on the train to observe Koyuki and Natsumi. While it didn’t make me laugh, seeing the latest human suits by Keroro and company was still amusing.

So one “meh” story and one amusing story.

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