Keroro Gunsou 67

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 67
Sgt. Frog anime, 67
Keroro Gunsou episode 67

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro Gunsou 67Fuyuki decides that the Occult Club needs to investigate a ruined school in Tokyo because of mysterious things supposedly happening there. Momoka decides this is a chance to be alone and close with Fuyuki, to include acting frightened and thus being able to cling to Fuyuki. The two of them head to the school that night, not knowing that Keroro and platoon have set up shop there. It is Keroro’s latest plan to create Kero Kero Mystery Land tour, taking five of the seven traditional mystery horrors at Japanese schools. They are surprised to see Momoka and Fuyuki arrive, but Keroro feels this is the perfect opportunity.

Keroro Gunsou 67The first mystery is “Hanako in the Restroom,” where the ghost of Hanako-san resides in bathroom causes scary things to happen. Tamama is dressed up as Hanako-san and is eager for Fuyuki and Momoka to arrive. However, as they are about to enter the bathroom, Momoka screams and points. It is the girl’s bathroom and Fuyuki cannot enter that. So, they are off to continue to explore the school but Keroro’s first plan has failed. The second mystery is the “Dancing Ballet Picture,” in which Dororo plays the dancing ballarina. He fails to get noticed by Fuyuki and Momoka, leading to the 2nd failure.

Keroro Gunsou 67The third mystery is the “Music Room of Horror” where Giroro is disguised as a painting. However, Giroro becomes spooked by a real painting in the room so that when Fuyuki and Momoka enter, the paint starts dripping off his body. This freaks Momoka out causing Fuyuki to flee with her. A partial success. The fourth mystery is the “Skeleton in the Biology Room.” As Fuyuki and Momoka enter, Momoka decides it is time to play the “I’m scared” card and snuggle up to a brave Fuyuki. However, the skeleton appears, causing the two of them to flee again. Momoka gets pissed and attacks the skeleton, revealing that it is Keroro in a skeleton suit.

Keroro Gunsou 67Fuyuki is disappointed to discover that Keroro and company are behind these mysterious things, so when Fuyuki notices the 7th mystery (numbers five and six having been skipped by Keroro) of the ghost girl in the classroom, which Moa-chan had been assigned to, he just leaves as he figures it is Moa-chan. Back at the Hinata residence, their own ghost Yuurei-chan gets onto Keroro for trying to fake ghost to scare people. Momoka is disappointed that she didn’t get closer to Fuyuki and he’s still disappointed that this whole thing was faked. He tells Mao-chan that he was impressed with her ghost impersonation. She denies being in the classroom since she was with Kururu. Natsumi mentions that the school they were at had been leveled a long time ago. So, the platoon plays back the video tape of their activities and scream at what they see.

Keroro Gunsou 67Natsumi is battling the final boss in her video game when Keroro accidentally kills the power to the game station. After being punished by Natsumi, Keroro realizes that they can make a killing if they create their own game. So with the help of a Idea-materializing Monitor with helmets to make their thoughts into holograms, the brainstorming of the platoon begins. Tamama’s game idea is one to eat snacks, which Keroro rejects. Giroro’s is to have a simulation to strip and rebuild guns. “Rejected!” Mao’s is to have a game with cute animals that get killed when you destroy the planet. “Rejected!” Kururu’s plan is to have a dating-sim game (called Moe Simulation) where instead of getting the cute girl you desire, you are guaranteed to fail, just as in real life. “Rejected!”

Keroro Gunsou 67The platoon decides to quit the project, leaving Keroro to feel like the villain. He is upset and leaves to a secluded trash pile. Dororo joins him and tells him that to make a good game, one has to make what one likes. After hearing Dororo speak, Keroro is encouraged and returns to base. The platoon agrees to help him again on the game and after a time, they present Natsumi and Fuyuki with their brand new game console as well as their first game, which fits nicely onto 256 DVD’s. Natsumi questions the largeness of the controller to which Keroro assures her it won’t be a problem. The game starts and it is weird as the game elements emerge from the TV and their controllers change to match the situation. However, the game is too weird for Natsumi. When Keroro tries to take over to show her how easy the game is to play, he gets pulled into the TV. Then the power to the console accidentally gets cut.


Keroro Gunsou 67There was no preview at the beginning of the episode with episode 67. Personally, I never was a fan of these previews since I’m going to be watching the episode in mere moments anyway. The previews of the next episode shown at the end of the current episode are fine.

For the first story and the traditional “school mysteries,” I’m glad I have seen enough anime titles to be pretty versed in this Japanese tradition so that the parody was amusing to me. So while predictable, the end was very funny since I didn’t expect that. Of course, the exaggerated screams helped make it funnier, y’all. ^_^ Too bad Momoka didn’t get a little close with Fuyuki though, eh?

Keroro Gunsou 67I have to say that I laughed out loud at Kururu’s “Moe Simulation” game, especially since it took the opposite approach to those bishoujo games and made it so that no matter what you do, you fail. Also, having recently purchased the 2-DVD 1701 A.D. Gold game (and playing it WAY, WAY too much during my time off), just thinking about a game that would be 256 DVD’s in size just cracked me up (that and a lack of sleep).

So, a pretty fun episode. ^_^ I continue to be pleased on the whole with how the series is progressing.

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