Keroro Gunsou 71

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 71
Sgt. Frog anime, 71
Keroro Gunsou 71

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro Gunsou 71Moa-chan (Mois-chan) discovers a dispatch from HQ stating that the platoon needs to send physical evidence of the invasion’s progress. The report is due in one day but because it was neglected because it was lost under a pile of Gunpla. Keroro is in a panic at what to do. He’s turned down by Paul (representing the Nishizawa family) for various reasons including the need for Keroro to do his own homework. Mutsumi can’t help him either by drawing something. In a panic, he figures he’ll send the Hinata home to HQ, but once reminded of the wrath of Natsumi, he changes his mind.

Keroro Gunsou 71Giroro decides he’s going to launch his own attack on Earth and get the evidence they need for the report this way. Kururu fires a tranquilizer dart into Giroro before presenting his top-secret plan to Keroro, who guardedly approves. Almost immediately around Japan, water from swimming pools begin to disappear as does all the trash, a certain amount of loose rocks, and sand. Fuyuki immediately suspects the cause behind these events, so he and Natsumi head to the Keron base, where Natsumi threatens to destroy Keroro’s Gunpla’s if he doesn’t come out.

Keroro Gunsou 71Keroro brings the siblings into the Keron command center for their current operation. He reveals that they are attempting to create a miniature replica of Earth for HQ. Natsumi decides not to punish Keroro on one condition — that she be allowed to use this planetoid like a mini-resort. With the platoon, the Hinata family, Momoka, and Koyuki on the planetoid, everyone is having fun. Fuyuki looks at the ocean with Momoka and remembers the mermaid he met last summer. At the same time, the same mermaid looks up and can see the otherwise barrier-hidden planetoid.

Keroro Gunsou 71Kururu receives an alert that the planetoid is continuing to grow despite his efforts, as if some other force is countering him. This means that the planetoid will end up destroying Earth. Things get worse when Space Policewoman Poyon arrives, charging Keroro and company with a crime for creating the planetoid. However, nothing seems able to stop the planetoid from growing out of control unto Moa-chan turns into the Lord of Terror. She then causes the planetoid to implode (Black Hellmargeddon) as everyone else escapes, resulting in the planetoid being reduced to a small meteor. Poyon does not arrest them now that the planetoid is gone and Keroro sends the meteor in as his evidence, which Keron actually accepts.


Keroro Gunsou 71I remember this story from the anime but I don’t remember the mermaid girl or other undersea creatures (I guess they are all being called the Nonteruma) causing the replica Earth to go out of control in its creation. I need to check that out but putting that aside for now, I don’t understand why the ocean beings would care that a small, replica planet was being made from trash, loose rocks, sand, and pool water. Maybe it had something to do with the spoutings in the episode about planets being alive. *_*

Still, this episode was a lot of fun, though no real laughs for me and nothing much else to comment on. Maybe I need to get to work on my Japanese homework now. ^_~

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