Space Battleship Yamato 17

Uchuu Senkan Yamato Episode 17
宇宙戦艦ヤマト Ep. 17 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary:

At the Gamilus base on planet Balan, Sub-commander Gale is working with a life form called Paranodon, which can merge to form a larger creature. As they merge and enter space with Gale and his pilot in their ship, the creatures large form isn’t quite what Gale wants, but he is making progress. He reports back to General Domel, who’s ready to discuss how they can be rid of the Yamato, that has caused the delay in the colonization of Earth. Gale informs his boss that he has ordered the reconstruction of the base on Pluto. Domel does not object to this but restates the need to destroy Yamato. Domel reasons that Yamato has made Balan the midway-point for their trip to Iscandar. He further reasons that Yamato likely has no idea of the base on Balan, therefor they will wait and hammer the Yamato when it arrives at the planet. Gale strenuously objects to this plan, feeling that they need to attack now, forcing Domel to remind Gale of who’s in charge. This reminder angers Gale greatly.

On the Yamato, they’ve just completed a warp in an attempt to make up lost time. Captain Okita collapses in his chair due to the strain and is taken to sick bay. Sado-sensei states they have to operate immediately to save the captain, so Yuki becomes a nurse again. Analyzer is also enlisted to help with the operation. Some of the crew observe from the observation level while others pray for the captain’s recovery as Sado-sensei operates.

Back on Balan, Gale gets drunk and takes his anger out on some of the staff attending him. He feels wronged by having been removed as base commander and is determined to change the situation. As such, he takes his pilot out again and works with the Paranodon for a final time. The creatures finally merge into a single entity and attack a mock Yamato, destroying it. Feeling confident, Gale orders an attack on the real Yamato. With a small group of ships carrying the small Paranodon, he sets out and is soon detected by the Yamato crew, who are unsure what to do with Okita no longer in command.

Susumu decides that the Yamato has to fight as they see the Paranodon sent into space and form the large Paranodon. Firing their main guns causes the Paranodon to split up and hit the Yamato harmlessly, but they soon reform into a single creature and circle around for an attack. Susumu decides they need to use the Wave Motion Gun despite the fact they’ve only just come out of warp. The chief engineer agrees and prep work is quickly undertaken to ready the weapon. The weapon charges and Susumu fires just before the Paranodon can hit the Yamato. They succeed in destroying the creature to the surprise and frustration of Gale.

While successful, the Yamato‘s previously damaged hull from the last time they fired the Wave Motion Gun is re-damaged, forcing immediate repair work to begin. Meanwhile in the sick bay, Sado-sensei has completed the operation and all they can do is wait. After some time, Okita comes to and compliments everyone for their hard work. Susumu apologizes for taking command, but Okita assures him he did well, the incident being akin to a lion tossing its cub into a ravine, the cub surviving and then climbing back up from the ravine.

On Balan, reports his failure to Domel, who already knew Gale’s plan would not work. Domel turns and closes his eyes to contemplate the situation.


I hereby nominate Yuki to be the next captain of Yamato. Captain Mori has a nice ring to it, right? After all, is there a job on the ship she can’t do? However, it looks like Susumu is being prepped to be the next captain, or rather the person to handle things while the captain is out. The writers had previously established the captain’s injury/illness, so this element continuing to play a part in the series makes me wonder where the writers will go with it.

Speaking of captains, I laughed when I saw the animators had not even removed Okita’s hat even though his head needed to be in a special contraption to help him breathe during surgery.

I can’t imagine the scene with Sub-commander Gale’s drunken rage being seen in Star Blazers. Not only was he drink, but one of the Gamilus chicks had her robe open and all she had on underneath were pink panties. ^_^;

Despite knowing his plan would fail, I understood his frustration since he’d been supplanted by Domel. As for Domel, he didn’t come off as an “arrogant ass” this episode. I guess having failed in the previous episode, he’s being more cautious in his approach to handling Yamato. We’ll see how the writers have Domel handle things now that Yamato is near Balan.

The one thing that has become kinda tedious with the series is that it is so formulaic. We know that Yuki is going to be the babe for the situation. We know that Gamilus is going to do something to thwart Yamato and it will fail. Still, I can’t deny a certain level of wanting to know where things go. It will be more interesting if Okita is out for a while and Susumu has to take command of Yamato (especially since he’s such a hot-head).

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