Negima!? 25

Negima!? 25
ネギま!? Episode 25

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

With everyone having returned to the real world, Anya seems depressed. Negi, Asuna, Setsuna, and Konoka set off in pursuit of Anya (who has fled) while Ayaka and the rest of the class prepares to have a surprise party for Anya, in addition to doing other things. Negi and company find Anya dispelling a piece of darkness, which having been possessed by the Star Crystal, she’s sensitive to.

A really large piece grabs Negi and the girls and is too large for Anya to dispel, though she does allow them to escape. Negi activates the girl’s cosplay cards and with Anya’s help, dispel the last piece of darkness. Then, they take Anya to the party where Anya gives Asuna a Chupacabra baby as a present.

Negima!? 25


Since the writers had already ended the Star Crystal story, I wondered what in the heck the writers would do for the final two episodes of this series. Sadly, they had to take a spatula and scrape the bottom of the bucket to find something and still give everyone some lines.

The story with Anya and the GASP! surviving darkness was “meh” and the little shorts all over the place were “meh.” Even Motsu was mostly “meh” but what the heck. Since there’s nothing else to say, here’s a Motsu montage.

Negima!? 25 Negima!? 25 Negima!? 25 Negima!? 25 Negima!? 25 Negima!? 25 Negima!? 25


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