Space Battleship Yamato 2 03

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 Episode 03
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2 Ep. 03 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

With Yamato‘s refit underway, Sanada has more of the message uncovered. Playing it for Susumu, Yuki, and Daisuke, they agree that it appears to be a warning or cry for help and that it is tied in somehow with the giant comet that is on course for Earth. The breaks in the message Susumu attributes to possible jamming as happened when Gamilus tried to block Starsha’s communications with Yamato. As such, Sanada and Susumu report to the Defense Committee, only to find them not seeing much of a threat. After all, Andromeda has been launched to investigate the loss of the energy station on Venus and it as well as several other ships are armed with Wave Motion Guns, which should be powerful enough to destroy a comet.

Frustrated, Susumu gets Sanada to sign on with him as Susumu plans to take the Yamato out (whether the refit is complete or not). It is decided that they will contact former crew members of Yamato to see if they want to serve on an unauthorized mission. Susumu takes Yuki to the old, now abandoned underground city from where Yamato was launched. They recall the celebrations and fanfare that happened when Yamato returned and now, nothing. Yuki realizes that Susumu is going to take off to fight again and briefly excuses herself to go off an cry for a bit.

Desler Hou rendezvous with surviving ships from Gamilus to form what is now known as Desler’s Fleet. Desler sets course for the planet Teresart. Meanwhile inside the giant comet ship known as Gatlantis, Emeror Zwordar receives a status of the operation to take Earth. On Earth, Susumu is pleased to discover much of the old crew as returned to Yamato (sans Daisuke, who reportedly will join them).


The attack on Earth by a mysterious force at the same time that the power supply from Venus gets knocked out would be enough to make the military leaders nervous. It hasn’t been all that long since Gamilus was defeated and Earth restored but the writers have decided to make Earth’s leaders so short sighted and dim as to parrot real life I suppose. I figure that the Wave Motion Guns won’t be as useful this series. If Susumu takes Yamato out without authorization, does that make him a pirate?

If Yuki goes off to cry because she knows what Susumu is going to do, I guess that means that she won’t be coming with Susumu on Yamato, and yet that seems hard to believe. Well, maybe it isn’t so hard to believe since Susumu’s idea of a great date is to take Yuki to the old abandoned underground city. I sorta doubt that we’ll see any decent romantic development between Yuki and Susumu. I wouldn’t mind that though.

So, not only does Desler survive, but he has a larger fleet than I would have thought. Well, that’s easily destroyed by Yamato, as we saw before. Question: what does Desler get out of helping the Comet Empire besides revenge? Will they let him turn the beautiful Earth into a wasteland they can live in?

Ultimately, this is a table setting episode, moving pieces into place for what’s to come, and I do look forward to seeing where things go.

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