Space Battleship Yamato 25

Uchuu Senkan Yamato Episode 25
宇宙戦艦ヤマト Ep. 25 (TV, Anime)
Space Battleship Yamato 25

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Space Battleship Yamato 25A fully repaired Yamato is contacted by Starsha and given instructions to land on the ocean outside of Mother Town. They do so and Starsha is there to greet them. Because they are so behind schedule, the parts for the Cosmo Cleaner-D are immediately loaded into Yamato‘s cargo hold for assembly on route back to Earth. Starsha meets Yuki and immediately thinks it is her younger sister Sarsha and is shocked to learn of Sarsha’s death on Mars.

The crew is stunned to learn that Starsha is the only one of her Space Battleship Yamato 25people alive on Iscandar as it is a dying planet. She does have one other guest though, a human whom she asks the Yamato crew to take back to Earth. It is Captain Mamoru Kodai, who has a happy reunion with his brother Susumu. Yuki notices that Starsha is sad about this and determines that Starsha is in love with Mamoru. Yuki invites Starsha to come with them, but she declines as she cannot leave Iscandar, which still has quite a bit of time left until it dies completely.

A dozen or so members of the crew decide that since they Space Battleship Yamato 25may not get back to Earth in time, they want to stay on Iscandar. They kidnap Yuki and take off for Diamond Island. Starsha is not happy that humans are on the island, especially since the island will sink into the ocean due to seismic instability. Acting Captain Susumu contacts the group and orders them back. They don’t believe the island story and when they reveal that they have Yuki in order to produce offspring, Susumu is not happy. An earthquake changes their mind and while Susumu has Yamato launch rescue craft, only Yuki is saved as Space Battleship Yamato 25the others are killed.

After making apologies to Starsha, the crew makes ready to depart. Starsha tells Mamoru she loves him and runs away. He chases her and catches her, deciding to stay with her on Iscandar, which Susumu understands. Starsha and Mamoru will be the new Adam and Eve of that planet. Launching the Yamato, the ship takes off for the return trip to Earth.


Space Battleship Yamato 25I see the magical ship repairs happened. The guys at Central Anime say that from what Sanada said, it is 18-days after the battle on Gamilus. How it took 18-days to get to a planet that was right there is a mystery but then again if that’s how all the gun turrets, the third bridge, and everything else got repaired, I guess it makes sense.

I didn’t expect Starsha to be the only person left alive on Iscandar. I get the feeling she can live a long time but her wanting to stay on her planet didn’t make a lot of sense to me beyond a certain sentimental aspect. Still, how could she not know her sister had died? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

Space Battleship Yamato 25When I saw Susumu’s brother, I wasn’t surprised that he was somehow alive. After all in episode 6, that Yukikaze is shown to have not been completely destroyed, but crashed onto Titan (from Pluto mind you). Further, Susumu found Mamoru’s gun on Titan which strongly suggested that Mamoru would be alive. Plus, Starsha needed a man to keep her company, y’all.

If Iscandar will be around for a few thousand more years before it dies completely, I didn’t see the harm in the dozen or so crew wanting to remain behind. Taking Yuki to be their person baby factory was a bit of a problem though. I looked at this as the writers’ way of acknowledging, “We know there’s only one woman on board ship and under normal circumstances, there’d be a line outside her door around the clock.” *_*

One more episode to make everything right.

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