Keroro Gunsou 79

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 79
Sgt. Frog anime, 79
Keroro Gunsou episode 79

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: It is autumn and time for the sports festival. This has Fuyuki depressed since he’s not into sports and Natsumi’s pep talk isn’t helping. At school, selections for different events is ongoing and while Fuyuki is mulling over everything, he stands up suddenly and says he’ll do it, not realizing he’s volunteering for the anchor slot on a relay race. This impresses Momoka, who vows to cheer him on. Fuyuki cannot back out now, so he begins to train with Keroro and Tamama “helping” but failing repeatedly. It is Giroro who manages to get Fuyuki to step up to the plate and properly train. The day of the race comes and thanks to Giroro’s training and some luck, Fuyuki wins.

Giroro is spacing out while looking at a picture of Natsumi and thus does not pay attention to Neko when the cat arrives. When he finally notices the annoyed cat, he drops the picture which gets caught by the wind and snatched by a bird. Giroro is depressed and Neko decides that getting Giroro a new picture of Natsumi will help. She sneaks into the Hinta house but being a cat, she can’t make much progress looking for a picture. She remembers the gun that turns her into human form, so its down to Keroro’s room where she accidentally trashes it before finding the gun and turning into human. Keroro arrives to find this and is stunned by the mess but as Neko flees, Keroro discovers some Gunpla destroyed.

Neko is now able to open drawers where she finds a Polaroid camera. She accidentally takes a picture of herself but since that’s not what Giroro wants, she continues hunting for a picture of Natsumi. First though, it is time for a seaweed snack, which where Fuyuki finds her. He remembers Neko as one of Giroro’s friends, so when she asks where Natsumi’s room is, he shows her. Neko trashes the room in a desperate search for a picture and has to flee to the roof when Natsumi arrives. As with Keroro, Natsumi is stunned and horrified at the condition of her room, suspecting Keroro.

With time running out on being a humanoid, Neko remembers the Polaroid. She grabs it and with time almost expired, she calls to Natsumi from outside and sets up the camera. Natsumi thinks it might be Koyuki-chan, so she comes out. Seeing the camera, she recognizes it as it takes a picture, which then falls to the ground as Koyuki arrives. Neko, now in cat form, races forward and snatches the photo, delivering it to a grateful and appreciative Giroro while Natsumi punishes Keroro for apparently messing with the camera.

Thoughts/Review: The first story is just another variation of the very common sports festival event (and parody of sports anime titles). Still, I did laugh a bit at Keroro’s and Tamama’s constant failures at training. The funniest moment in the first story came from the jets sky writing “Fuyuki-kun,” only spelling it as “Fuyukinku” with the anouncer speaking it as well. That happened twice and I just laughed and laughed at that, mainly because I know enough Japanese to be dangerous. ^_^

The second story was more sweet than anything. Since I’m keeping my parent’s cat as of the writing of this post (which is some time in advance of it actually being published on the blog), Neko’s scrambling up things and making a mess as well as her trying to find a hiding place and discovering she couldn’t get under the bed cracked me up. That’s where my parent’s cat loves to run and hide whenever I break out the vacuum to remove the copious amounts of cat hair that are being fruitful and multiplying. Also, Natsumi’s picture in Neko’s fantasy moment cracked me up.

There is a new OP theme and ED theme with this episode. We’ll see but I don’t think they’ll grow on me like some other ones.

So two fun episodes with some good laughs since I knew some Japanaese and know something about cats.

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