FUNimation’s Next License Is New, Y’all — “Oh Edo Rocket”

FUNimation’s Next License Is New, Y’all — “Oh Edo Rocket”

Well, those who’ve not been happy with FUNimation’s license rescued are now getting an all-new license announcement — Oh! Edo Rocket. This is a title that I’d not hear of until the guessing started. I took a look-see and on the surface, it isn’t gripping me. I don’t know how much stock can be placed in this factoid, but when I did some image searching on both U.S. and Japanese sites for this series, I came up with very little. In fact, FUNimation and Madhouse are using the identical background for the official websites (FUNimation is HERE and Madhouse is HERE for comparison). So lest this post have no image, I just did a grab of what they did.

I’ll be interested in seeing how much of a response this gets though.

Update: Fixed links. Sheeze. This simple post has been a pain, first with not finding any decent images, then the dang thing publishing ahead of schedule, then the links getting wiped. Whew. Hopefully this time everything is fixed ’cause I’m going to bed!

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