It Has Been Two Years!

It Has Been Two Years!

Today marks the 2-year anniversary of my anime blog starting. So to celebrate, here’s a Belldandy poster (~1200×1600) from Ah! My Goddess. ^_^

Belldandy Cracker

Back when I started, I wasn’t sure exactly how the blog would be received, especially since I’m a latecomer into the world of anime blogging and there were already so many anime blogs (as well as manga and other related blogs) out there with huge followings. However, that really didn’t matter at the end of the day. I would write what I wanted to write about. If people began to follow my blog, great. If not, well as long as I enjoyed what I did, that’s all that mattered.

Still, people did come and check out my dribble. The first year was kinda slow but I did pretty good for a newbie who (1) wasn’t watching tons of new anime and (2) couldn’t watch anime as it aired in Japan. This year has seen my blog traffic grow by almost 400% over last year. That’s way better than what I had dared hope for, especially since I’m not trying to blog every new anime series that comes up, only those titles I’m interested in.

So thank you all for coming and checking out my piece of the anime blogdom. I hope that I can continue to provide you guys with stuff to keep you coming back for more. 😄

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2 Responses to “It Has Been Two Years!”

  1. Congratulations. Will you make it to 5-years? 😉

    Also, a late Christmas best wishes to you. Have a good new years too.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    We’ll see about the 5-year thing. And you have a good New Years as well.

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