Kannagi 10

かんなぎ Episode 10
Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens 10

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

The main members of the Art Club (Takako, Shino, Daitetsu, Akiba, Tsugumi, and Jin) along with Zange are in a karaoke establishment to do some singing. The battle between Zange and Tsugumi begins immediately with Zange getting Jin to sit with her when he was about to sit with Tsugumi. The singing starts with people showing different skill levels, surprisingly good and surprisingly bad. Jin turns down two offers from Tsugumi to sing a duet and his own turn isn’t so great. After all the singing is done, everyone is exhausted and walking home. Jin suddenly realizes that Shino never sang once. Takako explains that Shino can’t sing because if she does, her eyes will open. Shino, who’s walking in front of the group, decides to give the group a treat and as Takeko grins in anticipation, Shino opens her eyes to a frightened group.


No real point in doing an in-depth summary because it is all about singing. I did get the one Lucky Star reference when Jin walked into their karaoke room, but the significance of their being in room 301 is lost on me since I’ve never watched Lucky Star. I’m told there were other Lucky Star references so if you watched that anime, I’m sure those were a real treat. For me, there was nothing of course. ^_^;

I felt bad for how Jin treated Tsugumi this episode when he rejected both of her offers to sing a duet with her. I’m not going to like it if Tsugumi keeps getting the short end of the stick in the war with Zange.

There were some good humor moments throughout. For me, the best joke came at the end about Shino’s eyes. I’ll let the screen captures tell that story.

Well, I’m caught up until I can watch episode 11.

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3 Responses to “Kannagi 10”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The first twelve episode credits of Lucky Star (out of 24 total) has the camera slowly zooming out of the exterior of karaoke room 301, where the quartet sings a different ending theme from another anime. (The audience will not physically see the girls singing, however.) The second half ending themes is a live-action performance of one of the male seiyuu (don’t remember who) also performing different openings and endings, one of which was a parody of the Lucky Star opening itself.
    I personally like Lucky Star, mainly because of all the different animes referenced in the ending themes and in various points of the film. Hope you can blog about this in the future; it’s definitely worth a look.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Room 301 was where the Lucky Star quartet was singing different ending themes from other anime. The camera would slowly pan out from the exterior of the doorway at the end of the first twelve episodes.
    Lucky Star has a lot of references to other anime, both within episodes and in the ending themes. Hope you can blog about it in the future; it is definitely worth a look.

  3. Haru Moezuna says:

    The male Seiyuu was Minoru Shiraishi. That was his actual name and his characters name

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