Where is Negima! 236?

Update: It is December 20 and here are the SPOILER images for Negima! 236. ^_^
Update 2: The Japanese came out with a 2nd batch of images late. Check them out –> HERE!!!

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I’ve noticed that I’m getting an increased amount of search traffic for Negima! chapter 236. So, for those of you who either didn’t know or forgot, the Negima! manga is currently a third of the way through a break. Chapter 236 won’t come out until December 24th! So, you have some time to wait, and if you wish, you can certainly express your desire to see the next chapter here. *lol*

As for what Akamatsu-sensei is doing during this break — working! He’s already working on the next chapter, to say nothing of the OAD stuff that’s going on.

I should have spoiler images up on December 20th, assuming the Japanese upload them. ^_^

So, there are still TWO WEEKS from this posting until Negima! 236 is released in Japan. Hold on. It will be here before you know it. ^_~

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6 Responses to “Where is Negima! 236?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    thnx for lettin us know cause i didnt know it was not comin out for so long

  2. Anonymous says:

    Curses! I only started reading the mangas yesterday, read all the way to 235 online only to be shot down… Thank you everyone who took time out of there life translating and scanning these, and then promptly causing me to be crushed. Ignore my nonsense, patience is a virtue I fortunately have.
    I have no life.

  3. Blek says:

    I…didn’t want to know that. I hate you…CRAP!!! Now that there’s a series I like, I read it all the way to 235 and you tell me it will take weeks to 236 to come out?

    Well, as the one above me, I have no life too..

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Better you know now rather than pull your hair out, wondering where the next chapter is. ^_~

    Still, I hope to have some sneak-peek spoiler images from Japan this weekend, so it won’t be two weeks to get SOMETHING at least. ^_^

  5. Blek says:

    Well, that’s great to hear, but I’m still…sad about this. Anyways, if I’m going to wait 2 weeks for chapter…i’m going to suicide >_<

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