xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 170

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The old fortune teller friend of Yuuko-san’s gives Yuuko-san a call where after some small talk (where we learn that Kohane-chan is doing well), she she expresses a desire to speak with Watanuki. It seems her fortune she gave Watanuki volumes ago wasn’t quite right. Apparently, she mistook Watanuki’s parents no longer being in the world to mean that they were dead but when she saw Watanuki again, she realized her mistake — Watanuki’s parents are alive but on another world. Yuuko-san confirms the lady’s new vision but since Watanuki isn’t there, the lady takes it as a sign that he’s not to be told yet. She then invites Watanuki to visit her and Kohane-chan again, which Yuuko-san agrees to pass on to Watanuki, but she figures that by the time that happens, everything will be over.

Yuuko-san has another visitor — Haruka-san. He’s glad to see Yuuko-san though wonders how this came to be. He echos Yuuko-san’s earlier thoughts that the end may be near as the children Yuuko-san is watching have made their choices. As Yuuko-san creates a butterfly of energy (?), Haruka-san comments that he hopes the butterfly’s dream may be realized.

Thoughts/Review: I smell a retcon here. One thing I’ve wondered ever since Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC went weird is how much of this CLAMP actually intended at the beginning. If they intended Syaoran and Watanuki to be the same person all along, then this chapter is a retcon to fix the problem created by this old fortune teller whom we the audience were told was a TRUE fortune teller. As such, this is a HUGE error on her part for someone Yuuko-san swore was the real deal. It also makes Yuuko-san look dumb since I don’t remember her even blinking at the fortune told.

However, if CLAMP didn’t decide where they were going with both stories until late, then this chapter is a retcon to bring things in line with how they ultimately decided to go with the story. Either way, it is a retcon moment.

The 2nd half of the chapter having Haruka-san show up felt like filler, but I did like that he and Yuuko-san got to speak.

With all this “end” talk in this chapter combined with the general feel that xxxHOLiC is winding down as well as Tsubasa, I would guess that both series will end sometime next year.

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