Minami-ke Okaeri 04

みなみけ おかえり Episode 04
Minami-ke Okaeri 04

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Minami-ke Okaeri 04Kana comes home and learns that Haruka has made Kana’s favorite snack — Cheese Lemon Custard Chiffon Pie. Kana finds Touma is already eating some and decided to steal some of Touma’s, leading Touma to head-butt Kana. After Touma leaves, Kana and Chiaki talk about this over dinner. Chiaki wonders if now is the time to make Touma more lady-like, but after Kana thinks back to her conversation with Touma’s brother Akira, she decides that Touma must be raised as a gentleman (English work was used in the Japanese).

Minami-ke Okaeri 04Chiaki understands where Touma is coming from and relates their own family situation to a pack of dogs with Haruka as the leader. Kana wonders which of them is the stronger and a fight breaks out just as Touma arrives for dinner. Touma enters their house, where she discovers Haruka has both Kana and Chiaki by the forehead and chastising them for interrupting dinner. Touma sees this as the feared killer technique of Haruka’s — the “Iron Claw.” Haruka releases her two younger siblings, who fall to the ground. Touma goes to check on them, but they start to attack Touma for getting them into this mess until Haruka firmly asks if they are back to fighting instead of eating. That brings the Kana-Chiaki attack to a stop as they then hug Touma, telling Haruka that Touma is their best friend.

Minami-ke Okaeri 04Touma is chastised by her brother Natsuki for being late and thus the cream stew he’d prepared is now cold. Touma tries to headbutt Natsuki, but only ends up injuring herself, leading Natsuki to explain that men will not yield to the attacks of their little sisters. So, next time Touma is over at the female Minami residence, she complains about Natsuki’s strictness to Kana. Haruka enters and asks if Touma will be staying for dinner. Touma declines, citing Natsuki’s strict behavior of late and recounting how when she tried to come over, Natsuki blocked her path for not having cleaned the bathroom.

Minami-ke Okaeri 04Further, Natsuki had avoided Touma’s punch. Haruka recounts how Natsuki mentioned to her that Touma had become more boyish of late. So, Kana has the perfect defense, which is a picture of Touma after having awoken from a nap. If Natsuki chastises her, Touma is to show him the picture. So Touma goes home and Natsuki is irritated that Touma is late. Touma shows the picture and is amazed at its effect — Natsuki’s wrath is stopped by this photo.

Minami-ke Okaeri 04The male Minami family discuss what to buy Touma for her upcoming birthday. Each recounts what they’d bought her in the past and feel their present is the one she liked most. Natsuki decides she’ll buy it. Meanwhile at school, Hiroko-chan asks Kana about “banchou’s” and the conversation leads to Natsuki. Hiroko wonders if Natsuki is a relative of Kana’s, which Kana states is not the case. Over at the high school, Hitomi sees Natsuki deep in thought and somehow knows he’s forgotten his lunch. So she offers him some of hers — an octopus-shaped sausage.

Minami-ke Okaeri 04He declines but does borrow money from her for a hot dog. Natsuki eats in the hall as he talks with Hitomi when he sees Maki and Haruka walking down the hall. His eyes look at Haruka, whom he’s attracted too but Hitomi thinks he’s looking at her with eyes of love and ends up running away as she’s “not ready.” Maki wonders if Natsuki did something to Hitomi and seeing Haruka’s look of concern, Natsuki tries to assure them that it was all a misunderstanding.

Minami-ke Okaeri 04It is a rainy day at school when Hitomi approaches “Maki-senpai” for advice on being mature. Maki is happy that Hitomi came to her for advice rather than Haruka until she learns that she was chosen because Hitomi thinks Maki is still trying to become mature. Hosaka arrives and is soaked but holding an umbrella. Maki wonders why Hosaka is there, so he recounts his fantasy of bringing an umbrella for Haruka and giving it to her so she could go home.

Minami-ke Okaeri 04As Hosaka tells his story, he slings water at Hitomi and Maki. Hitomi is prepared and uses a handkerchief as a shield but Maki gets wet. Hitomi takes from this that being mature means giving your umbrella away, so she tries to get Natsuki to take her small, pink umbrella to walk home with, something he doesn’t want to do. Fortunately for him, the rain stops and the sun comes out. Hosaka’s plan for Haruka is also foiled by this. Making it home, Natsuki gives Touma a birthday present — a compact, black umbrella.


Minami-ke Okaeri 04Two words — pure win!

For the first story, we had the return of the Cheese Lemon Custard Chiffon Pie from Minami-ke episode 09. I had no idea this would be returning but back then, I promised to keep looking for the recipe and I never stopped. I now have it and I hope to have a translation from Miwa-sensei this Saturday. ^_^ Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make one at this time (tight budget, y’all) but maybe soon, Lord willing. (Update: recipe –> HERE!)

Minami-ke Okaeri 04Touma’s headbutt of Kana made me laugh, but it was funnier when it backfired on her attack of Natsuki. Indeed, the whole conflict between Touma and Natsuki just had me giggling. Of course the resolution of that conflict with the picture that had Haruka also in it made me laugh as well.

While we are on the topic of conflicts, another great moment was Haruka’s “Iron Claw” technique whereby she had Kana and Chiaki gripped by the forehead. Oh man, I just love how Haruka’s voice never gets raised, but you know she’s ticked and she’s all business. *lol* Much better than last season’s Haruka I can tell you.

Minami-ke Okaeri 04Hitomi is the new character to the series, but unlike Fuyuki-kun from last series, Hitomi is a win. I like how she looks so serious but really likes Natsuki (who’s clueless of course). Too bad Hitomi can’t tell that Natsuki is infatuated with Haruka. I laughed when she was instinctively prepared for Hosaka’s sloshing of water whereas Maki was not. I hope we see more of Hitomi because she has a lot of potential.

Minami-ke Okaeri 04As to Hosaka, well the writers are using him to maximum comedic effect. I not only laughed at his drenched self slinging water all over the place, but again his fantasy about Haruka cracked me up as did Maki and Hitomi’s reaction to Hosaka’s shirt suddenly becoming unbuttoned. *lol* Just another win moment to be sure. I think the Hosaka stuff has been among the funniest stuff so far.

Minami-ke Okaeri 04This episode looked a lot better to me visually, which helped. Even the distant shots looked pretty good this time when it came to the characters (rather than some cheaper imitation).

After last week’s episode, I’ll admit I was a bit concerned about the series since I didn’t find episode 3 that good. However, this episode is pure Minami-ke goodness and so I look forward to the next episode with eagerness.

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  1. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Actually, there may be two ways to make the Cheese Lemon Custard Chiffon Pie, so I’m trying to sort all that out.

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