Urusei Yatsura 100 – 101

SPOILER Summaries/Synopsis:

うる星やつら episode 100
Urusei Yatsura 100

Urusei Yatsura 100Shuutaro is not pleased to be compared with Ataru, so he takes Ataru over to his mansion to feel superior to Ataru. Ataru isn’t impressed with the vast collection of WWII weapons, so its off to the giant safe. Again, Ataru isn’t impressed and causes the safe door to close and lock. Trapped, Ataru and Shuutaro end up playing games with Shuutaro losing a ton of gold and cash. However, when the two start setting off traps including a water trap that fills the room, does one keep the gold or no? Eventually, the safe drains and they end up in the drainage pipe leading outside. However, it has an unbreakable metal net blocking the hole, meaning they are still trapped.

うる星やつら episode 101
Urusei Yatsura 101

Urusei Yatsura 101Ataru is spotted going to an old sento (public bath house) immediately after school by Lum’s stormtroopers, so they decide they need a bath too. Ataru isn’t happy to see them since there is supposed to be a party on the female side. He’s also not happy Cherry is already there. Megane and company can’t get the truth out of him but when Shuutaro shows up and mentions Ryuko attending the party, Ataru is very happy, since all he knew about were Lum and her friends. Plans for peeping are made and when the girls arrive, the guys are excited to discover that it is every girl from the anime. Their efforts for people keep failing, leading them to eventually knock over the dividing wall accidentally, where they discover the girls are all in swimsuits.


Urusei Yatsura 100For episode 100, I did get some laughs, notably with Ataru wanting to eat and Ataru winning all the games while they were trapped in the safe. Their shifting usage of honorifics was funny, especially as Shuutaro kept trying to note his differences with Ataru. The dream sequence each had of the other dressed as a girl and using the “sama” honorific made me laugh because it was so wrong. However, the episode as a whole was one of, “ugh.” At least there were laughs but I’m not really a fan of these dopey stories.

Urusei Yatsura 101As to episode 101, I have to say that I had more laughs here. The tradition of men peeping at women in a public bath or onsen has long been documented in anime and manga. This episode did the same things one has seen many other times with the guys trying and failing to peep. However, where this got funny is when the guys got desperate and lost there towels. Since we can’t show nudity, the “naughty bits” can’t be shown — they have to be censored. However, censoring the naughty parts with guys dressed in black, holding black circles on long poles was completely unexpected and it got funnier as the guys got more desperate. So kudos to the anime production staff for that clever idea.

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2 Responses to “Urusei Yatsura 100 – 101”

  1. Ochan says:

    Keep hanging in there. Your actually at the end of Mamoru Oshii’s run which ends at 104 and a new director takes over and the animation budget goes up!

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Ah. Well in that case, I do have something to look forward to. Thanks! ^_^

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