Space Battleship Yamato 2 15

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 Episode 15
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2 Ep. 15 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

As Saito, Sanada, Analyzer, and Susumu are about to enter Teresa’s floating domicile, Saito asks why someone powerful enough to part the waters did not help them when they landed on the planet. As such, Susumu advises they act with caution. After entering, Teresa is hoping that Daisuke (“Shima-san” as she calls him) is there and won’t speak with them until he arrives. However, she does present them with food to eat and uses her powers to revive the flowers from Yuki. For his part, Daisuke is getting a hair cut from Sado-sensei and Yuki presents Daisuke with a corsage to wear. With that, he sets out for the planet, after first getting rid of the scores of male crew members also eager to go to the planet.

Once Daisuke arrives, Teresa provides them with her information on the White Comet, its power, and how they are conquering everything. She tells them that it is on course for Earth. However, to Saito’s frustration, she refuses to give any additional information or lend a hand in defending Earth or even her own planet. Susumu and company are going to leave when Teresa asks that Daisuke stay behind. She explains the situation of Teresart — long ago, it was a popular planet receiving much interstelar traffic, but a planetary war put a stop to that. It was then that Teresa learned that by praying and using her equipment, she had great powers. So, she put an end to the war by wiping out everyone (apparently) and has vowed to never fight again, no matter what. Daisuke argues that if she does nothing, Teresart and Earth will be destroyed. She will not leave Teresart either. In the end, Daisuke leaves Teresa, telling her that as a member of Yamato‘s crew, he has a responsibility.

Back on Yamato, Susumu is eagerly waiting for a response to his report from Earth HQ. Daisuke returns to the ship to learn that Saito has been bad mouthing Teresa, so Daisuke goes to Saito’s quarters and the two get into a big fight. After they’ve beaten each other for a while and been treated by Sado-sensei, they report to the bridge where Daisuke explains the situation with Teresa. Meanwhile on Earth, the Earth Defense Force meets to discuss the White Comet situation. Captain Hijikata states that they will need 10 more Andromeda class ships built before the White Comet makes it to Earth in 46-days. That means all of Earth’s efforts will have to be put into finishing the battleships currently in production. With that, Yamato is ordered to return to Earth.

In the White Comet, Desler is having difficulties in prison while the Emperor throws a huge party.


I guess a little fake romance drama never hurt anyone. Still, this whole romantic “thing” between Teresa and Daisuke has never felt real beyond Daisuke desperately wanting a woman (remember, Yuki is the only girl on Yamato and she’s connected to Susumu).

Saito actually had a useful moment when he pointed out Teresa’s power and yet her not doing anything to help the Yamato landing parties. Otherwise, he was his normal, gorilla self. Sheeze. What a waste.

Beyond that, there really wasn’t anything that happened this episode — Yamato learns about the White Comet, Teresa says, “I’m not helping you but Shima-san is a cuties,” Earth decides to fast track the construction of more Andromeda Class ships, and Yamato is ordered home. Well, we’ll see what happens next episode I guess. Maybe we’ll see Captain Hijikata in action now that he’s been brought back into the story.

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