Urusei Yatsura 96

うる星やつら episode 96 (TV anime)
Urusei Yatsura 96

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Urusei Yatsura 96Ryuunosuke has dreamed of wearing a bra ever since she was a little girl, but her weird father’s obsession to raise Ryuunosuke as a male has always thwarted her. She has a bit of money saved up to buy a bra and discovers it isn’t enough. Ryuunosuke runs into Shinobu, who’s being stalked by a group of guys from a different high school who belong in a gang. The gang’s leader is in love with Shinobu and they’ve been taking pictures for him of her. Shibobu isn’t interested in dating someone from a gang, especially one as ugly as this guy is. So, Ryuunosuke agrees to pretend to date Shinobu so that the gang members can get some pictures to prove to their boss that Shinobu is taken.

Urusei Yatsura 96Ataru is not happy with this plan and wonders why Ryuunosuke would agree to such a thing. Her reason is simple — the gang will give her a pretty pink bra. Ryuunosuke and Shinobu go on their date, which makes Ryuunosuke’s father so happy, he prays to a cadre of photos of a woman, all of whom he claims could be Ryuunosuke’s mother. Ryuunosuke does everything, only thinking of the bra she’ll soon have, even going as far as to try to kiss Shinobu at the direction of the gang for a photo. When they stop by a cafe to share a desert beverage, Ataru again attempts to interfere, but Lum soon electrocutes him out of this.

Urusei Yatsura 96Soon, the big-lipped gang leader arrives and Shinobu is repulsed by him. Ryuunosuke’s father arrives to witness his “son’s” date. Ataru is still trying to get into the mix with his own, front-hook bra, but is prevented by Lum. Shinobu ends up punching the gang leader, causing Ryuunosuke’s father to comment on how strong a bride Ryuunosuke will have. To placate their boss, they give him the pink bra that was to by Ryuunosuke’s, saying it is Shinobu’s. A tussle between the gang leader and Ryuunosuke results in the bra being destroyed. Ryuunosuke’s father burns Ataru’s bra as an offering to Ryuunosuke’s not-deceased mother. Shinobu tells Ryuunosuke that she’ll get a bra someday but Ryuunosuke wants one now and tries to take Shinobu’s, leading Shinobu to leave, feeling Ryuunosuke is a pervert. Lum tells Ryuunosuke that Shinobu’s bra would be too small.


Urusei Yatsura 96I get tired of the rerun jokes about Ryuunosuke’s father not wanting is daughter to be a woman. You know that EVERY attempt by Ryuunosuke will fail and that makes it an exercise in futility. At that point, the endless jokes about it are not funny and no matter how many times that bastard father of hers takes a beating, it isn’t enough.

That said, I did giggle a bit at her getting the gang to buy her a bra (they thinking she is a weird guy) because I didn’t expect that little twist, but otherwise the episode is devoid of laughs for me. Unfortunately, really.

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